Skin Bleaching: The Dangers Of It



bbb.jpgA while back as I watching TV and I was flicking through the stations. I came across Tyra bank's talk show, so I just kept it on the station. The topic that was being discussed was about skin bleaching. I haven't heard that topic in a while, especially since the story about baseball player Sammy Sosa bleaching his skin. On the show there were a bunch of women admitting to bleaching their skins and one lady in particular states that she bleaches her 3 younger sons' skin. I couldn't believe she was using bleach on her kids and wonder if she knew the dangerous effects of bleach?

                Bleach is a liquid substance that is used to make things white or colorless. It used in laundry and for cleaning substances, such as mopping dirty floors, cleaning bathtubs, etc. Bleach is something that should never be used on skin, not only because of the dangerous chemicals, but because it is wrong. Clorox talks about what bleach is used is used for and the chemicals that are in bleach. Some ingredients are sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorate that can cause burns and boils on one's skin. The article, The Effects Of Bleach On Skin & Eyes goes into detail about what bleach can do to your face. It states that "If the bleach is left on your skin for an inordinately long period of time, it can cause pigment lightening and permanent tissue damage." This information tells you that you can seriously damage your skin, even if the bleach is on for a shorter amount of time. Those who do decide to continue on with skin bleaching are missing the information about the side effects of doing such a project. There are many side effects when it comes to bleaching and cancer is one of them. A person can get skin cancer and cataracts, meaning blindness and possible get surgery. Side Effects Of Skin Bleaching talks about the different effects and why some do it.  A whole lot of dangerous factors just for skin bleaching.

                Something the women had in common were they bleach their skin to feel pretty because if their skins were just a few shades lighter, they would feel accepted. It is sad to hear these women talk about it and to see that they include their children. I don't know a lot about different procedures or better procedure for skin bleaching, but I hope that they look into the dangerous effects of it.


I had never actually heard about this before and it's absolutely wild to me that people would do this to themselves, let alone their children. I've always been told not to get bleach on myself and I figured it was for a good reason. The fact that people would knowingly endanger their children in order to make their skin lighter is nuts. Everyone should feel accepted the way they are. I looked up skin lightening techniques to see if there were alternatives and although this website is advertising a product, it shows a bunch of different skin lightening methods and how harmful they can be.

I've heard of many people trying to bleach the hairs on their face above their lips or their sideburns, but until I read this blog I did not really realize the serious desire by some people to want light skin. It's very sad that so many people would endanger themselves and risk their lives to cancer in order to achieve a lighter skin color. This article by the Huffingtonpost discusses what an increasing concern bleaching skin has become in Jamaica. Although the FDA has recognized over-the-counter creams containing up to 2 percent hydroquinone safe in the US, they are not very regulated in Jamaica leading many people to buy harmful products from street vendors. Many people believe that the side effects are worth having if the ultimate result is lighter skin.

Reading this blog, my jaw actually dropped. Why on Earth would someone find it necessary to actually bleach his/her skin? Just to look better? It's such an unheard of thing in my neighborhood. As odd as it is to know that people bleach their skin, it's even more peculiar that they would use Clorox. It's such a dangerous substance and I feel that there must be better alternatives. It turns out that there are. There are many different skin whiteners to chose from, but it's important to keep in mind that not all of them are safe. A majority of over the counter skin whiteners include mercury, which is a toxin that can cause some severe health problems. One over the counter skin whitener that is considered safe is Dr. Fred's Skin Whitener Cream. This cream is one of few that is mercury free and has been tested by the Tribune. There are many bizarre things that people do out there. It's their body so they are free to do what they want, however it's important to do things safely. The Dr. Fred's Skin Whitener is a good alternative to the unhealthy Clorox.

I have heard about women doing this before. It sickened me when I learned a common reason behind it. It my WMNST100 class, we learned that women of color strive to be as white as possible, because caucasian is seen as the most powerful and respected race. I think that it's ironic that most white girls in America go to tanning salons everyday to become as dark as possible, yet some women of color strive to look like them. Tanning and bleach are probably just about equally as bad for you, yet women tend to always want to be what they're not. It's a shame that the world has come to this and it's an even bigger shame that they are bringing their children into it too! Disgusting.

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