Sea Turtles in Danger!

Being one of the oldest species living in the world today, sea turtles need to be protected.  These animals help protect and instill a healthy living environment in the sea.  They are a major part of their local eco-system and many other species depend on their exsitence.  Recently, deaths of this marine species have increased due to the fishing industry accidentally harming them.  The fishing boats cast out massive nets in order to catch the maximum amount of fish possible.  However, the sea turtles are finding themselves stuck in the nets struggling to survive.  After a period of time, many are found dead because of drowning.  In addition, the turtles find themselves eating the bait on the hooks that were casted by the fisheries.  From the hook, the turtles are captured under the sea and are deprived of the opportunity to surface for air and drown.  Also, the hook is sometimes swallowed and destroy the digestive tracks of each turtle, thus leading to its death.  Finally, the hooks are rusty and the turtles in return contract deadly diseases.

The sea turtles need to be protected.  The government should regulate areas in which fisheries can set out their lines and nets. Also, us as consumers should only buy fish from responsible fisheries to ensure the safety of the turtles. However, because sea turtles are a migrating species, it is hard to control specific areas.  The fisheries have to be regulated more by the government and the turtles have to be saved.  They are one of the most important and oldest species in the ocean.  When the turtles are saved, the precious marine life is saved, and the eco-systems of the world can thrive.


I feel like it's bad that the first thing I thought of when I was reading this was Crush from Finding Nemo… I liked reading this especially because it made me away that sea turtles are in danger. I feel like you made a good point about how it's difficult to control areas because they migrate. I wonder what policies are being put into place to help the turtles or if there are any in the first place. Here's an article I found about how sea turtles are endangered if you were interested in checking it out:

This makes me so sad because I love turtles so much and had no clue that they were in danger. I think it's a really smart idea to regulate where fishers are permitted to set out their lines and nets. Although this may not be completely plausible, this website has a few tips to help these turtles.

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