Red Wine=Liquid Gold?

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Growing up, my parents were very lenient and open about alcohol, as long as it was in our own home or I was with them. Coming from a very Irish family, I grew up with my grandparents offering my Guinness on holidays when I was all but 14 years old, saying "if you want to be healthy and live a long life like me, you better drink your Guinness!". It seemed like such an odd thing to say to me back then, when I was being taught how terrible alcohol is for you in health class at school. However, there has recently been a lot of research on the benefits of some alcohol, and my grandparents have been proven right! Guinness, along with red wine, actually have a lot of health benefits. In this article I will only be focusing on the health benefits of Red Wine, but don't you fret, I will be doing an article on the health benefits of Guinness next!

The article I found titled Can Red Wine Really Heal Cancer And Prolong Your Life? was actually very interesting. The title caught my eye because, well, who doesn't love wine? I must admit that every time I come home during college breaks, I always look forward to indulging in some pinot nior with my mom. However, I have now learned that maybe I don't have to call it "indulging" anymore! In the article, author Dan Nosowitz explains that the compounded called "resveratrol", which is found in the skin of grapes (hence why it is only found in red wine) is what makes it so healthy. He states that "Studies have indicated that it serves as an antioxidant, that it has anti-tumor properties, that it can help you live longer, and that it may be responsible for the 'French paradox' (the French have a high-fat diet and yet low instances of health disease)." How great does that sound!? Well, just like a lot of other things, all though this sounds like well, a miracle, there's a catch!

Can you guess what the catch is? The amount of resveratrol you actually need to reap the benefits. In studies done on rats and mice, they used about two to five grams. Do you know how much resveratrol is in a five ounce glass of wine? About 0.0008 grams. What a let down! In order to get roughly two grams of resveratrol from drinking red wine, you would have to drink about 2,500 glasses (roughly 493 bottles) of wine, and in which case you would be dead. But hey, if you're still interested in learning more about possible health benefits of resveratrol in red wine, because, well maybe one day they can figure out how to make wine have a higher concentration of the compound, check out this article titled Red Wine and Resveratrol by!

1 Comment

This was an interesting blog post! On Cyber Monday, I bought a few bottles of red and white wine for a really great deal. Hopefully it'll result in some health benefits!

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