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Mostly every woman out there thinks that men are just perverts for liking large breasts. Most men don't have a really good reason for liking them so much. I'm here to tell you that women are slightly wrong and men, here's an excuse for the next time you get caught looking. A study done by Chicago University found that women with larger breasts tend to have higher intelligence. Some of you are probably wondering about that stereotype that women with big boobs are "dumb". As a matter of fact, many people would think that Marilyn Monroe was dumb because she fit the stereotype of dumb because she was blonde and had big boobs. Contrary to that belief, many of her closest friends and family would argue that she was very smart. I would agree with that especially after seeing her quotes flying around everywhere. How could these words, "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring," come out of a dumb woman's mouth? 

Back to the study. This study was done by a Chicago University sociologist on 1,200 women. She separated the women into 5 group based on breast size ranging from virtually flat to extra-large. The women took an IQ test and the results were that the women with larger breast sizes beat the women with smaller breasts by an average of ten points. Even women in the medium sized group beat the women in the smaller groups. The reason for these results is unknown. One of the possibilities is that hormones that lead to larger breasts may also play a role in intelligence. It could also be natural selection in play. 

Now by all this, you can't argue that men aren't smart for liking big breasts. I mean all this time we just knew that women with big breasts had a higher chance of being smarter. All jokes aside there have been studies done to prove that men prefer women with larger breasts, contrary to popular belief. One study found out that only 17 percent of men thought the ideal breast size was UNDER a C cup. Also, only 26 percent of men said the smallest size they would consider is a B cup. Even more, 20 percent of men said that breast size was the biggest consideration when seeking a mate. This means that one out of five guys a girl dates would be dating her just for her breasts. That's kind of shallow of us men, but there does seem to be reason for it, which digs into the controversy of evolution. The Chicago sociologists believe that men seek women with larger breasts because it increases their chances of producing intelligent offspring. 

In conclusion, women with bigger breasts can be smarter and men who like women with big breasts are slightly smarter for liking them. This does not mean that big breasts guarantee that women are smarter or that women are only smart if they have larger breasts. Life makes a little more sense to me now. There are a couple more things that I have to find answers to so that I can try to justify why men and women do what they do and think what they think. 


15- Although there was a study done, you cannot just say in “conclusion women with bigger breasts are smarter.” There are other variables to take into consideration when it comes to the study they ran. What were the conditions of the classroom when taking the IQ test, what was their race, social economic status, and the weather conditions of the day? All these factors can play into mood along with more. There were not enough specifics on the study. As well what happens to a woman who loses weight and her breasts get smaller does she become dumber? Or a woman who goes on birth control and her boobs get bigger….does she become smarter? That wouldn’t make much sense would it? Here are some links on the evolution of breast and weight gain/loss!

This seems to be somewhat of a controversial topic! Although there could be some sort of a correlation between breast size and IQ, I definitely agree with Alexandria in that there is not enough evidence for this test to conclude that "women with bigger breasts are smarter". There are a lot of factors that go into the IQ level of a woman, and I think it's safe to say that breast size isn't the biggest factor. It is also obvious that men are not motivated by how smart a woman supposedly is or how smart their kids would be to look at a woman's breasts, it is purely sexual attraction. Anyways, I thought I'd share with you an article about the top ten proven traits that men are attracted to in women!

You sure brought up an interesting topic... I think that Alexandria brought up a good point, because looking up that study more, certain things were not reported so we cannot be sure of the value of the results. This one article had a good description of the element of a hormone connection that you were talking about. They said that "other sociologists speculate that the correlation between breast size and intelligence might be linked to female sex hormones that help determine the size, shape and firmness of the breast and also tend to result in better development of the brain." I can see the logic in this prediction - if someone is more developed, it makes sense that other parts of their body, like their brain, would be too. However, I think that even if there was a correlation, scientists would be hard-pressed to actually be able to prove it for the various other variables that come into play this day and age, particularly opportunity, both education wise and time and money to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You guys all have valid points. I should have been more clear that I wasn't trying to conclude that all women with big boobs are smarter. Also I wasn't implying that big boobs are the only characteristic of smart women. I found this topic and was blown away that correlation was found between intelligence and breast size.

I 100% agree with the other girls that commented on this post. Especially, Alexandria. She brought up some really good points and while I've been wracking my brains to attempt to think of a nice, polite way to go about saying this like she did, I can't… 'Next time you catch a guy staring; he's only trying to look out for his future children' is one of the most idiotic sentences I've ever read. I know you are trying to be funny, but that makes no sense whatsoever and frankly, it's degrading. I'm supposed to give a guy permission to look at my chest so he can decide whether or not I have brains? It's the 21st century and women aren't only good for their ability to give men children. Here's a thought: if you want to judge the intelligence of the mother of your future children, why don't you get to know her? That's a novel idea, don't you think? You can find out how smart a girl is by /talking/ to her for maybe five minutes. Don't use this so called research you used to give men an excuse to ogle at women's breasts. I know you meant your post to be lighthearted and maybe even amusing but just know that it wasn't and you should think before you post.

I don't think that breast size alone determines a woman's intelligence. If that was true, every porn star would be a genius. Just because one study showed that large breasted women were more intelligent, doesn't mean you should have used that for your conclusion at all. I get where you were going with it, but I think you may just want to prove yourself as intelligent.

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