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            Although large research collaborations have been popular among most schools of science, few have ever been done in psychology. Therefore, very few experiments have been checked, or double-checked by many different research groups. This is up until recently when "several collaborations that span dozens of psychology laboratories around the world" began to form.

            These collaborations have begun testing past experiments, and checking to see if the results can be replicated. Of the first thirteen experiments, ten results were replicated. The psychological community is pretty happy about the findings. They're happy to know that what they study, and what they have tested is actually legitimate, and not just human error.

            However, these results still make me wary. Three out of thirteen results may seem like a small number, but that's close to a quarter of the studies. While I doubt that the percentage of the population of studies that are not replicated will be that high, I'm still not so sure of what to think. Things that we think we know about psychology could end up being completely untrue, and no small number of them either. Even ten percent of the studies being proven false would be huge to me. Who knows what else these groups of researchers will prove to be untrue.

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For my psychology courses, I have to take surveys that ask whether or not I think these experiments should be replicated and see if it can be done. I personally think that they should just so we know what we're studying is actually accurate. This website discusses some information that was fraud which is a major reason why I think things should be replicated especially as time and technology go on. Click here to read about why they support replication and how funding is an issue:

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