Procrastination: We are all extremely guilty of it


One time or another in your life, you have an impending task you want to get done as soon as possible and then you look at the clock, or out the window, and conclude that maybe you will have time to do this task tomorrow. Possibly you have felt like me and had so much pent up anxiety about a task that you cant possibly start now while your mind is racing and you are more concerned with what happens if you DON'T complete the task. The feeling I am referring to is the dreadful procrastination. Procrastination is the act of putting off certain tasks with the hopes of completing them at a later time. There have been speculations that procrastination could be linked with anxiety and depression.

The heartbreaking thing about procrastination is that it is a full circle disappointment. You're anxious and have little confidence starting the task. You continue to put off the task until the very last minute and when you finally complete the task, instead of a feeling of accomplishment, there are just feelings of guilt and anger for wasting so much time. 

A more scientific approach taken from Amy Spencers <a href="">article<a> is

"The prefrontal cortex is a newer and weaker portion of the brain. It's what allows you to integrate information and make decisions. "This is the part of the brain that really separates humans from animals, who are just controlled by stimulus," says Pychyl. The prefrontal cortex, located immediately behind the forehead (where we tap when we're trying to think, dammit, think), gets the job done. But there's nothing automatic about its function. You must kick it into gear ("I have to sit down and write this book report!"). And the moment you're not consciously engaged in a task, your limbic system takes over. You give in to what feels good--you procrastinate."

 It is possible to combat procrastination however it takes time to train your brain (not everyone is the same). There are ways to combat procrastination such as breaking up your work and engaging with those who inspire you to take action.


I never thought of the effect that procrastination can have on my own self-esteem too but now that you mention that you go through a whole level of disappointment it makes perfect sense. I know that I personally start off with a jolt of energy but then soon end up tired and depressed with not nearly as much done as I needed to complete. If you want other easy steps to combat procrastination check out this website below because getting it done sooner than later is easier said than done.

This is a great post considering I am doing it as we speak. I always plan to do the work then end up finding every reason in the book not to do it. I looked at an article on Psychology Today to try to find some hints on how to overcome procrastination. It is funny because they are all simple things that we can control.

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