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My Facebook wall is covered with baby pictures. Most of the people I went to high school with and other friends are parents now and some even have multiple kids. I often wonder "How in the heck did they have a kid before 20? I can hardly make it to class!"

Most of them seem to be happy that they have their kids because they feel truly loved now especially if they aren't with the partner they had the baby with. But how did they end up with a baby? There are tons of methods to avoid that like abstinence, condoms, the morning after pill, and even abortion.

The last one seems to be the unspoken one. I don't really hear people talk about it much less do I hear about people actually do it. I think it is a very touchy subject so most people stay away from it and much talk has been had about the pros and cons about it. I think it is up to the two adults involved to make the best choice for their lives, but there is more to it than just terminating a pregnancy.

Abortions aren't cheap, they sometimes cause internal damage to the organs, but more commonly they can affect a woman's mental health. A study by the Elliot Institute followed 173,00 women for 8 years who became pregnant and either had the baby or had an abortion. The study concluded that women who had had an abortion were 154% more likely to commit suicide than those who had given birth.

Another study by the British Medical Journal shows that " Among women who have had an abortion the suicide rate is 34.7 per 100,000. Women in that age group who have given birth have a suicide rate of 5.9 per 100,000."

Suicide is often linked to abortion because women feel ashamed that they took the life of someone else. They could have also been pressured to have an abortion that they didn't want to have. The shame, guilt, regret and judgment can really take a toll on women and how they view themselves.

Maybe the reason less mothers are committing suicide than those who abort is because they have something/someone to live for. Like I said before, it seems as though new parents are happy they are parents because they feel unconditional love from their children. On the contrary, maybe women who have abortions have more people dissaproving of them and their choices. Maybe some are even put down because they did not take precautions to have a baby, maybe they are tore down emotionally by the guilt that is put on them by society and the negative stigma that surrounds abortion.


Although there is not just one reason why women committ suicide, women's feelings about themselves can contribute to their decision to take their lives. This could be similar to what women experience after they give birth known as postpardum depression. Although suicide rates are lower in mothers, the effects of having a kid are clearly powerful ones.


Will this make you think twice before you have unprotected sex or begin to plan a family? I sure will.


Abortion is a heavy concept considering the emotional, scientific, and political weight it carries. I have also heard that women who have had abortions are more likely to commit suicide, and even though you didn't cite anything concrete that would support your theories, I think the statistic makes sense for the same reason that you do. This article (which honestly seems biased) has an opposite but interesting paragraph on how antiabortionists are taking advantage of how people do not know "good science" and cite studies with flaws in them.

I totally see the same type of behavior on facebook. A handful of acquaintances from high school are already mothers and fathers. It's nice to see them taking responsibility and raising their child. It's also an interesting topic because it seems the ridicule and disapproving behavior toward new mothers and fathers is probably less of a hazard to deal with then the burden of knowing you had an abortion. It's all obviously a personal choice and not something to take lightly. Do you think there is a trend among fathers or men that would have been fathers if not for an abortion?
Aside from suicide there is also a problem with post abortion depression. This website I found discusses it in detail if you're interested in a good read.

There are many statistics showing that women who abort their babies are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women who had their babies. However, did these statistics take reverse causation, other variables, or type 1 errors into consideration? In one studies found on this website,, the deaths found were in the same category including "suicide, accident, homicide, unknown", so not all of the so called "deaths" were actually due to suicide. This shown, I think women should take a closer look at the studies when actually determining whether suicide is correlated with abortion.

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