Possible Vaccine for MS

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In the article "Could a Vaccine Help Ward Off MS?" it talks about recent study that was conducted to test the hypothesis that a vaccine could help rid MS. MS stands for multiple sclerosis and is a disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. In the article the chose 73 people who had already had their first episode of suggestive MS. Symptoms include numbness of limbs, problems with balance, and vision problems. The rate of developing MS after the first episode is 50 percent will have developments within 2 years. The article says the average rate of people who experience the first episode and do not develop MS is 10 percent. For the study 33 participants received the injection of the vaccine, Bacille Calmette-Guerin, and the other 40 received a placebo. The participants received brain scans once a month for six months and received the MS drug interferon beta-1a for a year. Then took the MS drug recommended by their neurologist. After the first 6 months the people who received the vaccine had fewer signs of MS than the placebo group. By the end of the study 58 percent of the vaccinated people showed no signs of MS and only 30 percent of the placebo group showed no signs of MS. No major side effects were reported. The study author Giovanni Ristori stated "These results are promising, but much more research needs to be done to learn more about the safety and long term effects of this vaccine and that doctors should not start using this vaccine to treat MS."

I think that doctors should start to use this vaccine. I think that the evidence is strong enough to dispute what the Ristori said. Although we don't know the long-term effects, there are no short-term effects so that is a good indicator that long-term effects would be minimum. Not to mention this vaccine is being used in other countries as a treatment for tuberculosis so they should know the long-term effect and wouldn't be using the vaccine unless it was safe. With that said the vaccine was effective seeing how in the vaccine group 28 percent more people can back without any MS signs. That alone is enough to take the risk because there is little chance of a harmful side effect and MS can be very damaging and any chance of stopping it is a chance to take. Even if the vaccine caused problems I'm sure the side effect is less painful than that of MS. I believe the study was conducted and was carried out to its full potential and the only thing to be disputed is that it should not be used to treat MS. With the promising results from the studying, the fact that other countries use this drug, and the 28 percent chance of not having MS, I believe that it is safe to dispute what Ristori said. I believe that the study is conclusive and the vaccine should be inspected by the FDA as soon as possible and be used to treat MS.






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I had no idea there was a vaccination for MS and it is a relief to know there is such a breakthrough. The fact that it is a successful vaccination for another disease in other countries makes me less concerned about possible side effects. Here's some information on the vaccine being used for tuberculosis alone and who it is recommended for:

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