More Benefits Of The Flu Shot

A recent study has found that there is an additional benefit to receiving an influenza vaccine than just avoiding the flu. It was found through the study that by getting the vaccine it lowered a person's odds of having a heart attack, stroke, and heart failure by about a third over the following year.(health.harvard) The connections which have been made to the flu and cardiovascular problems comes from the immune response your body goes through in order to fight off the flu. This immune response causes a large amount of inflammation which can result in the plaque inside of you blood vessels to become unstable.(health.harvard) This can lead to heart attack or stroke which can be deadly. Out of 6,700 people with the average age of 67 who received a flu shot they had a 36% lower risk of having a major cardiac event over the following year.(health.harvard) So the only benefits of a flu shot could not just be avoiding the flu but also help prevent yourself from having a heart attack.

So if having a flu shot could potentially save your life if you are at an elderly age why would you not receive one? It seems like there are only benefits from receiving a flu shot especially for those of an elderly age who already suffer from cardiovascular problems. Even if you do not like shots you could receive a nasal spray form of the vaccine. There are not many reasons not to receive the vaccine. There is however a problem with this study it is focused mainly on older people so the benefits which they found from receiving the vaccine do not necessarily apply to teenagers or people of middle age. A more accurate study to determine if the vaccine has any addition benefits for all age groups. Also these benefits may come from a third variable that was not determined in the study or may simply have occurred by chance. The bottom line however is that there are no negative effects of the vaccine and only possible benefits so it is only logical to receive the vaccine.

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