Is Your Visitor Late Again?

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As a female the worst part of the month is when Mother Nature comes to visit. (For the guys that are reading this and are already turned off, I advise you to continue reading.  I'm sure your girlfriends and just female friends in general will be impressed by how much you know and maybe you can even help them fix the problem I'm going to discuss) However, sometimes our visitor fails to come and we do not eat everything in our path, we don't cry about everything little thing and we don't lie on the floor for countless hours because of cramps that feel like rusty swords being turned in our stomachs. The first logical reasoning to explain why a period is late is obviously, pregnancy.  However, this is not the only explanation.  


To begin with, let's talk about the basic biological mechanism of the menstruation cycle. The menstruation cycle usually occurs every 28 days in most women, although many women experience a longer or shorter cycle usually ranging from 21 to 35 days. The average age for a female to start getting her period is 12 in the United States and usually each period usually lasts 3 to 5 days.  


So if a female has been getting her period every month for at least 5 years now, why is it possible for her to skip a month?  Well the most common explanation is that she may be pregnant (if she is sexually active of course.) This is because if you are pregnant the lining of your womb becomes the incubator for the group of cells that may one day become a fetus, and that is why you don't get your period.  A lot of times though being pregnant is not why your period has failed to arrive.  


Here are some common reasons as to why someone might have a late period.  The most common reason is stress.  When the body is stressed the amount of the hormone GnRH, which causes menstruation, decreases. Also, the body releases cortisol and adrenalin that prevents the release of fertility hormones, which in turn disrupts the menstrual cycle this is known as secondary amenorrhea.  Another cause of delayed periods is excessive and intense exercising.  When athletes or even just other females exercise a lot their metabolism levels change.  Exercising a lot can also effect body weight and cause your body to go into rescue mode.  When the body goes into rescue mode the body stops unnecessary functions such as the menstrual cycle.


Fortunately there are several different ways to induce a late period.  Most have to do with natural herb remedies and intakes of Vitamin C.  Relaxing by taking a bath or just doing yoga may also help release stress which will calm down the body.


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I know many girls who have had pregnancy scares, with a period as late as an entire week. The irony of this situation is that the stress of waiting for the period to come is actually the cause of its late arrival. The menstruation cycle is actually not as simple as just 3-5 days of bleeding, there's many more complications that could possibly be dealt with. Hormones are simply the start of the equation, along with the imbalance that causes food cravings, cramps, etc. No one is doomed to the negativity of Mother Nature, however. There are ways that one could make the process ease by a little better, and control the entire week as it goes by. It's actually very possible to make a period lighter in fluid, based on diet, exercise, using birth control, and understanding heavy flows. Here is an article that goes in depth about the procedures to follow in order to do so:

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