Is Tea good for you?

        Get drinking because tea has officially been proven to be good for you! Before you start boiling that pot of water make sure you're drinking actual tea. Real "tea" comes from a plant calleCamellia sinensis. Any other infusion of other plants isn't real tea and therefore doesn't have the same benefits of actual tea. There is less variety in real tea but there are many more health benefits. The types of tea are black, green, white and oolong. Some scientist researchers attribute the tea's health benefits to polphenols which is an antioxidant and phytochemicals. Scientists have looked more into black and green tea leaves because they are more popular but research has been done on all different types of tea. 
      Tea can give one more exercise endurance because of the antioxidants found in the tea leaves. The body can then burn more fat as fuel and therefore have better muscle endurance. Another plus of drinking tea is the decrease in the risk of heart attack. The antioxidants can also help prevent a ton of different cancers which is always a plus.
       Despite the caffeine in tea, it is extremely hydrating to the body. Also when pertaining to the body, tea, green tea in specific can be used as a back-up sunscreen as it helps protect the body from UV rays. There are many benefits to drinking tea but they are not all concrete for everyone.  
      On the other side of tea, its not good to drink when its too hot because this could do the opposite of preventing esophagus cancer. Make sure your tea cools before drinking it. These findings were also found in a lab on rats and rats are not humans so the conclusions are not always concrete. But drink up your tea because there are definitely some great benefits which come from it!!

Also check out why Tea is better for you than Coffee Here!187329046Green-Tea-For-Weight-Loss.jpg


Hi Shana,

I found your blog interesting because I LOVE tea! I drink tea all of the time. From black tea to green tea, herbal to oolong to white tea, I have tried just about everything. I used to be addicted to coffee, but then my mom and I went on this diet that made you cut out coffee, so we started drinking tea! At first, I went through coffee withdrawals and started getting headaches, but after about a week I felt great drinking just tea, not coffee! A lot of people think that tea doesn't have a lot of caffeine like coffee, so they don't want to drink it because they want energy, however green tea and black tea actually have a lot of caffeine! Drinking tea just feels so much more natural than drinking coffee filled with milk and sugar. It tastes much better and it makes my body feel so much cleaner and healthier than coffee! Here is an article I found on the many reasons why tea is so much better than coffee!

I am so glad that someone wrote about tea in this class! Recently, I have been following thistrendy "teatox" instagram and am really impressed with the results that the customers rave about. They claim, "Tiny TEA is a unique blend of 12 ingredients helps renew energy levels, brings your skin to life & assists with weight loss." On their website called YourTea they give lots of information such as what is in the tea along with testimonials.

Eager to see if it really works (because I try not to believe everything I read on the internet), I decided to go on Twitter and see what people were saying about #tinytea. You can see for yourself here that the only negative thing they say about the tea is how badly it tastes, but besides that, people are seeing results!

I loved this blog because I absolutely love tea! I have never been much of a coffee drinker and it's great to know that my love for tea is actually benefiting me. My mom always gave it to me when I was sick, and now I know it was for a good reason. There are so many different types of tea and you can do so many things with them that you can always find one to enjoy. Since it's cold season, I thought it might be useful for some people to see the benefits of the different kinds of teas. You can find out which teas are best for you when you're sick here!

The results of drinking tea are pretty crazy! They're not even things you would think of! For example, Drinking tea can help your eyesight. It positively affects the eye tissue, especially surrounding the retina. I wonder if this can retroactively work to improve your eyesight or if it just makes it stronger for the future. Plus it can reduce the risk of diabetes. The effects are pretty far reaching, especially if it's only a cup a day. It seems silly to not do this for our health!

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