iPads in the Classroom


A new study on iPads in the classroom shows that students learn better with the devices. The study specifies by saying that the increases in learning are seen with more abstract areas of study like astronomy where virtual models help students understand things like scale better. You can see the article here


To me this seemed fairly obvious because haven't technological advancements been improving classroom learning since the invention of the classroom? I am willing to bet that teachers saw an increase in their students understanding when they introduced paper and pencils to the classroom for the first time. But, another take on the results of the study could be that the increase in learning is from an increase in student interest.


When you think about it kids might be more likely to become more involved in the classroom with iPads because they think that they are something cool, new, and exciting. Teachers are always looking for ways to make what they are saying relevant to students. I'm not so sure that the iPads are offering anything new to the classroom other than the fact that they are iPads. In the article it says that the iPads are useful in showing virtual models of things in space, but they could show the same simulation in the form of a video on a television. The variable that isn't being addressed is that children could see that the teacher is showing another video in class and tune out, but when you throw an iPad into the mix it grabs their attention.


One experiment that they could do is show half the students the simulation on a classroom television and the other half of the students the same simulation on an iPad. This would prove whether or not it is the simulations or the thrill of the iPad that is increasing student understanding. I guess it doesn't matter why the iPads are helping to teach as long as they work.





I am actually excited about this. Obviously bringing toy's into the classroom will make the students willingness to learn explode. At the same time, I could see those little rascals finding their own i-pads "on the side of the road," or something. Either way, if it makes the children interact more with school, and makes me more eager to learn, then I say go all in. It's progress, which we need, and it'll be good in the long run. That is, until the next new thing comes around.

I thought that this was a very interesting topic to discuss in the blogs. It's amazing how far technology and teaching have come over the past couple of years. The fact that iPads have helped students to learn doesn't surprise me at all. Growing up I always noticed that I was able to learn the basics in all the advancements in technology such as computers and phones very fast because I was very interested in new things. If these tools were implemented to help me learn school subjects I think it would've enhanced my learning greatly throughout grade school and high school.

This article talks about how a school has started to use iPads in Florida: http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20131205/NEWS01/312050031/iPads-emerge-cool-tool-school

My old high school actually does give out iPads to students. I would say that overall the iPads did help students a lot. In class I took notes on my iPad and was able to look up anything I did not understand about a teachers lecture. However, giving iPads to high school students isn't all good. When I became bored with a teacher's lecture, twitter and temple run were only a click away. I could communicate with all my friends at school using iMessage and it was easier than ever to zone out during class. Personally I find it easier to focus on a class if I do not have a distraction in front of me. With that being said, different people work differently and having technology in class rooms definitely has advantages.

That's pretty interesting sean that your high school gave out iPads in class. I would have assumed that the schools would have had some sort of controls on them to stop students from playing games or going on the internet. Also i did not know people take notes on iPads. i would imagine that that would hurt my ability to learn cause i doubt i would be able to type fast enough on an iPad.

While it is true that students pay much more attention to an iPad in class rather than a teacher just standing in front of the classroom teaching it could also have negative effects on the students learning. The students would soon find ways to simply play games on the iPads quickly removing any learning potential the devices had. They would simply end up becoming a greater distraction than any they had before.

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