How much sleep is too much sleep?

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Once the weekend hits, there is absolutely nothing better than sleeping your days away after a busy week. It can't be that bad right? I'm sure we have all been told that sleep is very important for our health and well being. According to the article on , the average human being sleep 33% of their life. The question that arises now, "exactly how much sleep is too much sleep?"

The verdict that has been reached is that too much sleep can be bad for your health. Many factors go into how much sleep an individual needs. Your current age, health & level of activity throughout the day contribute to how much sleep you actually need. There is times in our lives when our body needs more than the average 7 to 9 hours of recommended sleep. For example, if someone is recovering from being sick, their body may require more rest time. However, oversleeping has been associated with some serious health issues. These health issues include kidney & liver disease, depression & dementia. 

Moral of the story, like anything else, sleep is good, but can also be bad if over done. Just because you can stay up really late & also sleep in really late, doesn't make it is a good thing to regularly do. Think about this next time you are thinking about hitting that snooze button for a couple of extra hours on the weekend.

1 Comment

Too much sleep is not good because you are not getting the daily exersize you need. Also, this may make an individual become lathargic and lazy. Sleep is essential for many things such as weight loss, health, brain, activity, etc. I would love to do more research on this!

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