Guinness is Good for You!

As promised in my last blog, I have decided to write a blog on the health benefits of Guinness. My family is very Irish and always have plenty of Guinness on hand because according to my grandparents and my great grandparents, "a Guinness a day keeps the doctor away". According to the article, Beer With Benefits: 4 Reasons to Drink Guinness, my family has been right all along, there are a bunch of reasons why the beer is good for your health! 

The first reason is that drinking Guinness in moderation can reduce your risk of heart disease, kidney stones and certain types of cancer. The most amazing thing that I found on this topic is that "A pint of the black stuff a day may work as well as a low dose aspirin to prevent heart clots that raise the risk of heart attacks". The fact that something that has been around for ages and that is as simple as a pint of beer is awesome to me. Who needs aspirin? In an article done by BBC title Guinness Could Really be Good for You, the author describes a study that was done on dogs that had narrowed arteries similar to those of heart disease. They gave stout to some dogs and lager to other dogs. The dogs that were given Guinness had reduced clotting in their blood, but not the dogs given lager. 

Besides the fact that Guinness helps prevent and reduce heart disease, kidney stones and blood clots, Guinness is actually relatively low calorie, has lots of minerals in it, and is beneficial for breast feeding mothers to drink. People think that because Guinness is a stout, or a dark beer, it is packed with calories. Wrong. Guinness actually only has 170 calories per pint, which compared to many other beers that aren't even stouts is quite low! Guinness also contains iron, calcium, phosphates, vitamin B, and fiber. Who knew a beer could be so healthy!? The last thing that the article stated about the benefits of Guinness is that  "A small amount of alcohol increases blood stimulation, which promotes milk production. Guinness in particular promotes milk production with its high levels of  Vitamin B and Iron". This really intrigues me because they said you're not really supposed to drink when you're breast feeding, but according to this article, a little bit doesn't hurt! Ladies, would you consider drinking Guinness to help milk production while you're breast feeding?


I loved this article and I love Guinness. I had no idea there was even a myth, let alone facts, that Guinness could be good for you. The most I'd heard about is red wine. That red wine is said to also good for your heart and increases the good cholesterol you need. However the necessary facts just aren't there for it. Other than the polyphenol "resveratrol" found in red wine nothing seems to be conclusive on the issue. Resveratrol might prevent blood clots and reduce "bad" cholesterol.

So I wonder if it's the same benefits that Guinness provides or if a healthy life starts with a pint of black gold and a glass of wine.

Wine always gets the credit! In fact, wine and beer contain the same amount of antioxidants. And beer contains more protein and vitamin B than wine! It's also good for your bones because it contains silicon. Glad to know beer is good beer is good for you, too.

HAHA this blog is great! Anything proving things that are typically considered bad for you as good gets me to chuckle. I love to prove my mom wrong with these type of things because she seems to think too much drinking is gonna kill me. Although I'm a girl and girls aren't the majority demographic for beer, a good beer could be good sometimes and to know that there benefits in it is great. Did you know red wine is also good for your health, check this out

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