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I, like a vast majority of the population, love listening to music. Wether it be while studying, working out, or just relaxing, music is a great way to improve your mood and just enjoy yourself. Artists express themselves by the music they create and consumers express themselves via the music that they listen to. It is a great means to channel individuality. In fact, many studies have been done that prove that music is great for our health as well!
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Multiple studies show that music can provide a significant increase in mood and also improve overall quality of life. Studies have been done on the brain with and without the presence of upbeat music and reveal that the brain is significantly more stimulated with the presence of music. Music is also very relative to our mood and different types and genres of music help. For example, those going through breakups and tough times prefer music that reflects their feelings because they can relate to it. 

Music therapy has been used throughout time to improve mood, increase energy, and help the body spiritually in general. Another study also shows that music can help young children with learning and cognitive abilities. They are more likely to catch onto something that they can follow a beat along to and have more of an interest in.

As a person who listens to music almost at all times during my day, I can say with certainty that it really does improve mood and well-being. There are types of genres/songs for every possible mood I could be in and I usually turn to music in all scenarios. I know that getting through a workout or studying for a test would be much more difficult and boring if I did not have music to listen to as I did it!


Reading your article made me think of my psychology class, my teacher always plays music before class to put us in better moods! I actually do think it works! Sometimes she won't do it and on those days no one seems to participate for raise hands.. although this could also be due to change music definitely alters my mood! Check out this article on how music can change how we feel!

The line in your post about listening to music while studying made me curious. I can never listen to music while studying, in fact, I need it to be silent; otherwise, I get distracted. I wondered if listening to music helps you retain what you're trying to learn or if it takes away from your ability to remember. The result is that you shouldn't listen to music while studying, especially if you don't normally. The only exception to this rule is if you're listening to classical music. Studying without music will allow you to get a much higher grade on an exam than studying with music.

I, too, LOVE music. Can't do much of anything without music. Matter of fact I'm listening to music right now. We are definitely similar in the fact that we listen to music while we study and I've always heard that classical music is helpful to youth and their cognitive thinking skills. As far as the previous comment about only classical music being helpful when studying, the University of Phoenix begs to differ. The study linked below claims that there "is no definitive answer" as to whether music is helpful, detrimental, or neither depending on the person. I hope there's some good tunes to match up with your mood in this jolly holiday season!

I also love listening to music. I'll listen to it while doing pretty much everything! Growing up I hated country music, and then one day I just started listening to and it grew on me with every keith urban song that came on. Have you ever wondered what someone was listening too while they walked by you on their way to class? I have, and it got me wondering.. what does music say about a person? Heres an article that states what music can say about you as a person!

What I think is also interesting is how those peoples moods can in turn effect others. That link is to a study about how emotions can ripple so therefore if someone is listening to a pump up song in their ear buds so then acting happy they may make the person they spoke to happy. Cool concept I think!

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