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Everybody knows exercise maintains a healthy body, soul and mind. It eases stress and helps build muscles that help burn fat. There are endless health benefits from moderate workouts, and then there are those who have turned working out into a profession. We all know what bodybuilders look like, and to someone uneducated, they would assume that this image of extreme muscle also showed off the epitome of health.

It is quite the opposite. Bodybuilders often attend their competitions dehydrated and overworked. The motivation to work so hard and create a body so harmful to health are the aesthetic concepts behind the exercise. If they push a little harder, they are closer and closer to reaching the next level of competition in their field. When it comes to health, bodybuilders have nothing to be desired. Their weak hearts have trouble pumping blood throughout their massive bodies. High blood pressure as well as high cholesterol may be in effect due to their extreme dieting routines to "bulk up". Not to mention, steroid use is not a topic unheard of in the bodybuilding world. Many competitors use it to their advantage, unaware of how they are actually killing their bodies.

When I personally attend the gym, I am intimidated by all the bulky men on the weights, and find it hard for myself to match their strength. In reality, everybody has an ideal weight to strength ratio that is preferred for their health. These ratios provide optimal performance. It aids in training to give the best outcomes. 

The ratio represents the maximum force you can exert divided by your own body weight. Calculating this ratio helps to determine what body mass a human can perform its best at. To begin, you must first determine the largest weight you are able to lift at once. This represents your "1R". Divide that by your body weight. 

It's important to realize you are doing your body a favor by not exceeding your ideal weight to strength ratio, otherwise physical injuries may occur due to stress on the muscles. When you see excessively large men pumping iron at the gym that's 5 times their size, it may be possible that they are exceeding what is best for them.



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Natalia, you make a good point when saying body builders attend their competitions dehydrated and overworked. They tend to do this because the dehydration gives them a lean, cut look because there is minimal water in their bodies. They also tend to participate in high rep, low weight exercises immediately before the competitions so they can achieve that desired "cut" look. You made a good point when saying that body builders may look healthy but are far from it. Almost 100% of body builders use anabolic steroids which can lead to extreme health problems down the line. Muscle breakdown occurs, and joints become weak making these gargantuan men very prone to injuries when they are not on the juice. Because the steroids build so much muscle, it is impossible to maintain the same level of excellence when not on the stuff. Typically, as body builders begin to age, the muscle mass they accumulated at one point turns to nothing but fat. The sad thing is, steroids can also lead to deep depressions in many. It must be so frustrating training just as hard as you normally do but seeing no results. This feeling of depression sometimes can result in suicide attempts which is so sad.

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