Getting those Winter blues

     For most people, winter time is a dread especially here in State College, PA. Its freezing cold, we have to trudge to class in the snow and colds are around every corner. Especially right now, its not only cold but the beginning of winter typically means finals are on their way. Stress is over whelming and the weather doesn't help. 
     Seasonal affective disorder ( also called SAD) is a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year. This could be the resin for your winter blues. Most people's symptoms start in the fall and lead to the winter. it is much more uncommon for SAD to occur during the spring and summer because people tend to be happier with the warmer weather. 
     There are many treatments for SAD, some are self induced while others can be done by a doctor or a professional. Some treatments are phototherapy, psychotherapy, and medication. Its important to work towards fixing your winter blues. Theres no need for them to have a down on your life. This is a depression disorder and it is important to know the facts before deciding that you are someone with this disorder. 

Surprisingly Wikepedia has some great facts on Major depressive disorder if you'd like to further your research on depression disorders. Look HERE


I found this article interesting because I actually really adore the winter. I like the cold and snow and December is my favorite month of the year. I also hate the heat but I don't get SAD during the summer. I'm curious to know if anyone gets SAD during the summer if they don't like hot weather or if it's just a thing that occurs in the winter months.

I love the winter so much. I love seeing the snow and the cold and the decorations that come along with it. I hate the summer and the heat so much, but I don't think I get SAD because of it. I would love to live in a world where it snows 24/7. I think it's so wonderful and when I hear people complaining about it, that's when I feel sad. I do feel bad for those who come to State College and suffer from SAD because coming here, they should've known what to expect. This article offers a few potential ways to overcome SAD:

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