Get a Drunken High, With a Blink of an Eye?

       Why drink to get drunk, when you can get drunk through your EYE? I overheard a girl claiming that she "got so drunk from someone pouring vodka into her eyeballs." I just rolled my eyes with the idea that this girl is exaggerating or making up a story to sound exciting. That was until I researched this theory... Getting drunk through your eyes is a common and ongoing trend around the entire world! 

       The first thing that came up on my search feed was over 1,000 videos all over Youtube with the title "Vodka Eyeballing". I do not understand how or WHY people could purposely pour alcohol in their eyes! Apparently, one of the main reasons this idea became popular was because of the "instant drunk" feeling that comes along with the shot in the eye. This game is mostly common at colleges, and these eyeball shots tend to be taken while already intoxicated and the mind is impaired. However, impairment is the least of your worries if you are into this trend. This one foolish prank, competition, activity out of boredom, and huge mistake can ruin your eye sight forever. A 21-year-old was interviewed about her experience of taking shots through her eyes, and her outcome was not as she had planned. After being dared to do it once or twice, this was not Emily Atak's first rodeo. She has done it a lot more than one time, and she had to stop because her eye is constantly sore and watering. Following her doctor visit, she was informed that the "vodka has seared its way through the cornea." Not only could it lead to future eyesight issues, but these complications can get so severe that blindness can occur. 

       A concerned parent of three college kids and an eye doctor, Dr. Greg Leet, has conducted a lot of research due to his concern about this new "game". Pouring vodka (which consists of 40% alcohol) into your eye is not only uncomfortable and burns, but serves as a direct pathway into the central nervous system and the optic nerve. The optic nerve connects the brain and the eye, and any damage to it can actually cause "blackouts" and "brownouts".
      Blackouts and brownouts are fairly common, especially when it comes to college students. A "blackout", also known as "en bloc", is when a large amount of alcohol is consumed and the person becomes heavily intoxicated resulting in not being able to recall memory from majority of the night or day. "Brownouts", also known as "fragmentary", is a term that is more common among people, which is when lasting-memories are not made from only parts of the night. Either way, both of these cases are not good for one's health. Alcohol can cause chemical disruption in the brains hippocampus. The hippocampus is a main part of the brain where memory formation occurs. The hippocampus contains a transmit called glutamate, (carries signals between neurons), which becomes altered when alcohol interferes with the receptors. Some neurons may be activated while others may be prevented from working at all, meaning the Long Term Potentiation also known as LTP. "LTP is a long-lasting strengthening of synapses between nerve cells" Long-term memory is believed to be effected by LTP, because if the cells cannot properly communicate in the brain then the learning and memory process is extremely hard to develop. Not only is this dangerous for your mental health, but it also is dangerous for your physical health. When not being able to form memories from a time period, dangerous sexual activity can occur (rape or unprotected), risky behavior or communication can occur between personal relationships, or it can cause you to do pretty much anything that you wouldn't do in a normal state of mind.  

        So are pulling stunts, like eyeshots, to get drunk or to "try something new" worth the probable consequences? Between the possibility of becoming blind and blacked out, I personally would stay away from doing that. What would you do if drinking caused you to forget short or long periods of times? Would that experience change your drinking habits, or would you just brush it off and continue to drink the same amount? 

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This is some sick shit. Who does this kind of thing? Drinking vodka alone has a nice little burn, but putting the stuff in your eye... I looked at a couple of your links and found a related story of kids consuming alcohol through their anus. This apparently is the most efficient way to get your money's worth; the alcohol enters your body and in turn your bloodstream before it can be processed through your liver, kind of doing the whole 'digestive system' thing backwards per-say. Anyway, take a look at the link, the things kids do these day.

WOW. WOW. I had no idea this was a trend. I had heard about people soaking tampons in vodka to get drunk since the tissues in the vagina and eyeball are a fast way to the bloodstream. One source called the tampon soaking a myth, however, police officers claim they have seen cases in which this happened. It doesn't sound very pleasant, though probably would get you drunk. People also use hand sanitizer and a variety of other ways to get drunk.

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