Fun At Work?

When you hear the word work usually the last thing that comes to mind is fun. This is a common theme were people tend not to have fun at their jobs especially those of a younger age working in the hospitality industry. Through surveys in 2013 its was found that if managers support a fun environment at the workplace employees are happier compared to if managers do not. There were two findings through these surveys that shows that managers provide a more enjoyable work place increases sales performance especially in middle aged employees. It was also shown to significantly reduce the turnover rate of employees particularly among younger employees.(news.psu) There was however one negative effect of managers supporting fun in the workplace that came up in the survey. Employees tended to be less productive in the workplace. So the questions managers face is the lower level of productivity worth the benefits?

The question is would you rather work at an enjoyable job where the manager is friendly and provides a fun workplace or at a job where those things are not supported? I think most of us would pick the enjoyable workplace obviously. In personal experience I would believe these results because it is more likely that you would be willing to stay longer at a job where you feel welcomed and can occasionally have a good time during the work hours. Also however it is very believable that less work would be accomplished at times if there is fun being had during the work day. The results of this survey can not be taken as complete evidence for the pros and cons in the workplace. The results could be very wrong due to managers supplying false data which could easily be done.

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I would personally much rather work in an environment in which I enjoyed going to work. We have been told our whole lives that if you love what you do, you won't work a day in your life. I believe that it is the job of the employers to help us love what we do. Too many people have to choose between making more money or having a job they enjoy more. Why can't the majority of jobs strive to make their work environment a positive one, and take out that entire part of the equation? Many employers are catching onto this, the most obvious of which is Google. They have taken the stance of happier workers are productive workers, which I believe is the best thing to do. Even if the production falls off a little bit, the emotional benefits the employees gain should be enough to convince a CEO that liking where you work is essential to success. I know that some European countries have mandatory vacation days; it would be interesting to compare their productivity to ours in the US.

As an RPTM major I would rather be doing nothing then doing something I knew I didn't enjoy. In my recreation, parks, and tourism classes I learn a lot about the definition of play and the definition of work but there is always the controversy of well everybody would rather make work play and them to be related.

I would 100% want to work in a workplace where I had fun over somewhere that I didn't. I personally have worked at a place where my original boss was not about any fun in the workplace and i would dread going to work every time that I needed to. After working there for a while, by bosses changed and my new boss loved to have fun in the work place, but also let everyone know when it was time to crack down and really do some work, which made me respect their opinions and management style even more. I had no problem working under them since I enjoyed what they would have me do and how I did it.

Here's a few points on how to make work more enjoyable.

I can definitely say that i would rather work in a fun environment, but what this study really points to is that it is necessary to have balance. I guess what makes the perfect boss is one that is able to make the fun work environment and still meet the performance metrics. However, someone could argue that if the boss only focuses on results and not fun the company would be able to pay the employees more with the profits and boost happiness that way.

I would rather work in a fun environment completely. I would love to work at google because it seems like there are so many enjoyable and positive aspects to it! I feel like there needs to be an appropriate amount of fun and seriousness in the office. But if I could work at google, I would 100% accept it in a heartbeat.

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