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Now that some of us are entering the world of cooking without having our mothers prepare dinner at home, some facts about cooking should remain embedded in our minds. Cooking can be unsafe if food is prepared in the wrong manner. When you store canned food or packaged meals in the back of your fridge that you share with your roommates, who is going to remind you that it's spoiling as we speak?

Certain foods have different shelf lives, the time in which it remains edible and ready for cooking. It comes in very handy to know when exactly these foods are able to be used. 


If you click on the image, it will direct you to a larger, more readable version of the picture.

Now what happens if you don't follow these rules and food poisoning takes place? It's quite a tedious process. The symptoms include stomach pain, diarrhea, cramping, nausea, vomiting, etc. Food is a wonderful thing and keeps our bodies alive, but it can also do some serious damage if not prepared in a proper manner. Treatments for food poisoning include antibiotics, but staying hydrated will also help the sickness go away on its own after a few days.



I thought this chart was pretty interesting, I didn't know that chicken stays good so much drastically longer if kept frozen rather than in the refrigerator. I did some research and discovered that food preservation is about decreasing the growth of bacteria or fungus. This has been done throughout history in a variety of ways including drying, salt, sugar, freezing, refrigerating, and pickling to name a few. This website will direct you to a longer more explanatory list of preservation


This chart is so helpful! It's such an important thing to know, especially if you're just starting out in the kitchen. This is a great source of information because it's small and you can print it and put it on your fridge! recently I took a food safety course here at school, called HRIM 228 Food Safety in which I learned all about the exact temperatures that foods must be held at, heated to, reheated to, where to store things etc. It was actually one of the most interesting and informative classes I've ever taken. I learned so much valuable information during this class and at the end I became Servsafe certified! This information, like you said in your blog and like the picture shows, is important because you really need to know how to properly store your ingredients and when things will go bad, or else you will get sick! For those of you in apartments with full sized refrigerators and for all of us that will have our own places one day, this article about how to properly store food in your fridge is really helpful!

Now that I am a college student, my knowledge on food has increased way more than even I was expecting. I have to actually know what foods are good for my health and, along with that, checking to make sure that the food does not sit in my refrigerator so long that it spoils. Your post got me wondering as to if there are any other ways preserve food longer. I found a site that has plenty of ways to help make your food last longer. One example is, “Place most food in air tight containers to maintain its freshness in the refrigerator, or for some fresh fruits and vegetables, use appropriate breathable wrapping material.” This is definitely a nice tip if you are trying to make your vegetables last as long as possible. As college students, your post was definitely something that we all need to be aware of.

Growing up, my mom found it impossible to cook for less than five people. Whenever she made a meal, she made enough for at least twelve people. It drove my dad insane because none of us would eat the leftovers. Everyone in my family has the curse of incredible laziness so we would never throw out the food when we saw that it was sitting in the fridge for a week. My dad would clean out the fridge maybe once a month and every time there would be at least three things in tupperware containers that had grown a layer of mold. I vowed to myself that when I got my own apartment that I would never make the same mistakes. So far, I've been successful and I think your post will help me continue to be successful in that. Here's an article I found about how you can preserve your food without using a fridge:

This blog can be extremely helpful for college kids. Like you said, when you are off on your own, eating expired food is more likely because we do not have our parents around to tell us that the food has gone bad. For example, I had no idea that leftover pizza only was good for the next 3-4 days. I, like many others, have definitely eaten leftover pizza over 4 days of it being in my refrigerator. In the United States, about 3,000 people die from food poisoning every year. I am shocked that this number isn't higher because I am not sure that most people are aware that food can spoil so quickly. When trying to preserve leftovers, the key is getting rid of the oxygen. If oxygen is still flowing through the container in which you keep your food, the chances that it expires increases drastically.

I've never gotten food poisoning (knock on wood). However, each year 76 million people get it and 5000 die from it. One of the top ten foods that give people food poisoning is leafy greens. Often times we get leafy greens in the form of bagged salad that is already crawling with parasites and other things that cause food poisoning. Mostly people don't know about the outbreaks, so they don't know to stop eating the food. That's why its so important to stay up to date on food recalls.

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