Fighting Fire with Fire

As the years go by and new scientific discoveries are made day by day, the question remains when, and if, there will ever be a cure for cancer. The oldest description of there ever being cancer dates back all the way to 3000 B.C., and while many illnesses already have antibiotics and medicines to help kick the disease, cancer remains untouched.

Recently, a video has gone viral titled "Fire With Fire". The description convinces the reader that a group of doctors in Pennsylvania allegedly injected a little girl with the HIV virus, and it immediately cured her leukemia. This summary is a little extreme, because there is much more to the story.

What actually happened was that Dr. June and his group of scientists reconstructed the HIV cell by changing what it attacks. He used the virus to his benefit, so instead of weakening the immune system, this new virus did the opposite. Contrary to attacking white blood cells, this new cell would work only towards attacking tumor cells. 

This research team has been focused on this topic for years, first testing it on animals prior to ever taking the chance of using the method on a human being, a dying one at that. This was not a random, spur of the moment miracle. 

The girl's name was Emily Whitehead in the video, but she was not the first to be tested on with this drug. In 2011, the Professor's team treated three adults with chronic leukemia (CLL) as part of an early clinical trial, and for two of the men, their cancer completely cleared up. Prior to the drug, they had many treatments of chemotherapy, which worked to no avail. When it came to Emily, she underwent many treatments for cancer, which did not work for her at all. She was on the verge of dying, and couldn't be any closer to death, until she miraculously started getting better after the Professor's cell treatment. She is alive and well today.

I believe that this discovery is a huge breakthrough in science. With such a solid success rate, who knows what this drug can accomplish after a few more years of testing. I do support the idea that we are getting closer to finding the cure for cancer. It's quite an enlightening thought that such an evil virus such as HIV, that has killed millions already, can be reversed and used for the better. 



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