Did You Say Second Hand Smoke Was Bad? I Couldn't Hear You

Lung cancer, emphysema, throat cancer, tooth decay, the list goes on and on.  Those are the major health risks to the millions of people who decide to smoke cigarettes.  Of the many consequences from smoking cigarettes, hearing loss is the most unexpected.  Yes, that is right I said hearing loss.  Recent studies have shown that second-hand smoke as an affect on the hearing of teenagers.  Researchers first took a sampling of teens who tested positive for cotinine, a chemical present if the teen was exposed to second hand smoke.  Next, the teens were put through hearing tests of all different wave lengths.  The researchers at New York University concluded that the smoke from a cigarette almost doubles the chances of hearing loss among young adults.  As I stated before, the list of harmful affects of cigarettes are endless, and to top of the list with hearing loss.  It is terrible to hear that poor decisions made by people hurt innocent bystanders. Tobacco has been proven to affect the blood flow in the vessels that the ears depend on.

The reason why this is a contemporary issue is because half of the children in the United States are exposed to the harmful smoke of a cigarette.  I believe that smoking is one of the unhealthiest activities one could partake in.  Although outlawing cigarettes would be ideal, I know the government will not take such action.  This country's economy benefits greatly from tobacco sales and therefore will hinder the reform I envision.  Therefore, instead of putting sole effort into treating the teens, we should put funds towards non-smoking advertisements.  Also, the government should fund pamphlets and workshops for current smokers wanting to quit.  Therefore, we can save some lives of current smokers and save the hearing in teens. 



I completely agree with your belief that smoking is one of the unhealthiest activities. It baffles my mind that in today's society people are fully aware of how bad smoking is, yet they continue to do it anyway. I love your idea of creating non-smoking advertisements, but sadly I fear that it still won't get through to people. This video of children asking to smoke gives me the chills, and hopefully it affects others the same way it affected me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO0qwl5k9R4

I agree with you that smoking is bad and unhealthy. the smell reeks and smoking cigarettes affects your physical appearance. smoking also harms your friends and family because they have been in contact with second hand smoke. There are many reasons why one will say he or she smokes. I think it is important to list more effects of second hand smoke. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention give some effects and statistics about what second hand smoke does to you. http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/secondhand_smoke/health_effects/

I definitely agree with everything that you said. Smoking is so unhealthy, yet so many people continue to partake in it which really blows my minds. One thing that really amazes me is that society continues to legalize smoking simply to the face that it is so beneficial to the economy. When will it be harmful enough for society to disregard it's money benefits, and focus on the health of the consumers? The site below talks about if we think cigarettes will be illegal in the future, and see where our society will possibly go.

Smokeless Tobacco Info
This article went on to describe the diseases and harm that even smokeless tobacco can do to its users. Now there aren't any secondary smokeless tobacco users obviously but the use of chewing tobacco leads to heart, tooth, and gum disease. The FDA stated that smokeless tobacco was said to not be a safe alternative to cigarettes.

I find it unbelievable that in today's world, when people are equipped with millions of sources of information at their fingertips - people continue to smoke despite the grave consequences of smoking.

I definitely think the government should either ban cigarettes or make them tightly controlled and enforce a quota on the production and distribution of cigarettes. Also raising the prices of cigarettes through taxes could help both the government increase their revenue as well as discourage people from buying cigarettes, but I suppose the power wielding industry wouldn't allow that to happen.

Additionally if they were able to find these results in the short term, that does not bode well for us/them in the long run!


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