Cures for Genetic Diseases?


Check this article out which reports a new breakthrough in genetic research. Researchers were able to inject mice with certain genes similar to the way we administer vaccines and the offspring of those mice inherited those activated genes. The article later went on to say that this is a huge breakthrough for medicine because we could prevent children from inheriting genetic diseases. I thought it was a pretty interesting article, so I though I would share my thoughts.


First, I have no problem with this discovery helping to improve the world of medicine. However, I can see why someone would think that there is a moral conflict. This technology in the future could lead to people wanting their children to have other specific genes that could make them a good athlete for example. These are decisions that parents are making for their children and their children have no say. These moral questions also ties into the lecture that Andrew gave on animals being gay and the possibility of a "gay gene." Is it moral to have something like a vaccine to stop people from being gay?


It is crazy to imagine a world with people trying to sell their genes on an open market for people to buy and create the child of their choice. This could lead to more interaction between politics and science. We could have to decide in the future as a nation if we are going to allow this to happen just as we have in politics today and in the past with issues like abortion.


This new development has plenty of parallels between what we have been talking about in class and what is going on in politics. It seems we have yet another double edged sword here. The possibilities of new medical advances bring with it a whole new world of potential problems.



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