I think a lot of unintended pregnancies fall on male shoulders. Of course females play a role too, but when an accident occurs, more times than not, the couple takes mutual responsibility.


We've all heard the birds and the bees in some form or another so I'll spare you the details, but us males have a warning in our bodies before we ejaculate. In an awkward and failed attempt to find out what the exact name of this is, I humbly apologize, I will move on to more important things.


Contraceptives have been all the rage in the media since the Affordable Care Act, A.K.A Obama-care, A.K.A probably should have done single payer instead, Et Cetera, took effect and affected many Christian groups (probably hard right wing, let's be honest) claiming that they should not be mandated to provide female contraceptives to employees based on their staunch values and traditions.


But as I said, it is mostly the male's fault anyway. Sure, sexually active females should be on the pill if they want to be on the pill, but what if I told you that males can be on the pill too? reported that, "A new male contraceptive could be on the horizon after scientists identified a novel way to block the transport of sperm during ejaculation," here.


The initial report was published in, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, where they found that by blocking two proteins, they could achieve complete and total male infertility.


"The researchers demonstrated that the absence of two proteins in mouse models, α1A-adrenoceptor and P2X1-purinoceptor, which mediate sperm transport, caused infertility, without effects on long-term sexual behavior or function," the website reported.


Researchers believe that this breakthrough could mean, in the future, that there will be oral contraceptives for men.


The positive part of this over other male contraceptives is that so far there is no long-term health effects or anything. Once off "the pill" the body would begin to send messages to the sperm again. The pill doesn't kill sperm but rather blocks the messages your body is sending.


After more serious testing is done, researchers say there may well be a male pill in ten years time.



I saw this on reddit today and it really got me thinking about what that would mean for a male version of "the pill". In my opinion, "blocking the transportation of sperm" seems cringe-worthy, or at least takes the fun out of it all. Obviously I don't know how it would work on humans, but I am under the impression that the whole process of intercourse is to eventually result in ejaculation, which is why that's clearly the best part (hence the name climax). This article explains, however, that the best part for the male is the moment just before ejaculation; apparently, the key to getting the most out of sex is too be able to master "seminal retention", which takes tons of practice by having sex for "prolonged periods of time at the pre-climax state" (30 mins - an hour or more). This is where the theory loses hour or more? I didn't realize all of us are Peter North.

The point is, will the pill allow us to stay in that heightened state of arousal for as long as we can go? I guess we won't know until more research is done, especially on human subjects. That being said, I'm done talking about ejaculating for the night.

I think its pretty intense that science is evolving to the point where there can be an oral male contraceptive. I would wonder if by taking oral contraceptives just as women do if we will feel as if we are being feminine. I personally don't think that I will care, but I feel like some people might. According to Techcitement, there is an even EASIER way to avoid any unwanted pregnancy. In India, there is a procedure called RISUG and it takes only 15 minutes with a doctor and is 100% effective for more than 10 years. Do you guys think that there is such thing as 100% effective?

This would be a really great invention because I've heard multiple stories of people getting pregnant because girls have told guys that they were on the pill when they weren't before having sex. I've even heard of stories of girls/guys putting holes in condoms before sex...although I have absolutely no idea why someone would ever do these things, by allowing oral contraceptive if either partner doesn't want a child, their protection can't be manipulated.

To start off this comment, I'd like to respond to the person who mentioned the 100% effective method of birth control from India, the RISUG method. I would absolutely not trust anything such as that, especially after hearing horror stories of what goes on in that country as well as others around it, where girls are violated and are forced to have their reproductive rights taken away. I honestly believe that if there was a male contraceptive pill, men would not remember to take it. It is much easier to carry a condom on you than to remember to take a pill every day at the same time. Women are much more remembering of that matter because in some cases, it is our only birth control method. We are the ones that carry the children. I'm not saying having a baby is not an equal action between both partners, but in casual relationships, men would not handle the responsibility of having to orally take a daily pill in most cases. Don't believe my argument? Here's an article that proves the memories of women outweigh those of men when it comes to daily activities:

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