College Dorm or Apartment?


After living in a very tight dorm freshman year, I had the option of either staying on campus or living in an apartment. My first feelings about an apartment were, "I am not ready", "I cant keep up with the bills", "How will I ever learn to cook". Or "How will I ever learn to clean".  Some people try to avoid all of these things by just living in a college dorm, where all of these things are taken care of for them. After a lot of hard thought, I decided to live in an apartment with three of my friends. I do not regret this decision at all because I love the privacy and independence that goes a long with it.


Here are some pros and cons to living in a college dorm:


1)   Privacy

2)   Fewer restrictions

3)   Cost

4)   Independence

5)   No communal bathrooms

6)   Easier to stay healthy



1)   Have to clean up after yourself

2)   Clean the dishes and the bathrooms

3)   Pay electric, heating, Wifi bills

4)   Do not have a meal plan

5)   Far away from everything else


According to an article on home guides, privacy is really accentuated as to why a college student should live in an apartment.  When living in an apartment, you are not just cooped up in one room, thus not having to sacrifice your privacy. It is easier to focus on your studies without hearing all the noise of people going in and out. They also talk about how there are fewer restrictions, such as no dorm rooms. There is not a restriction to how many people can stay in your apartment or whether someone in the opposite sex can come stay the night.  merid.jpeg

It is hard to believe, but living in an apartment can actually be cheaper than living in a dorm. Room and Board costs in a college include all costs associated with living in dorms such as your food, utilities, and access to laundry services. Depending on the housing market in the area, the rent can typically be less than room and board tuition. However, this does not include food, laundry, etc.


Some things a college student should consider is :

1)   Distance

2)   Safety (may not be equipped with security systems)

3)   Social aspects (are you around everyone

Here at penn state, 36% of college students live on campus, while 64% of college students live off campus. What I forgot to mention in this article, is that housing isn't always by a students choice. Based on this percentage, it is evident that there is not enough housing on campus for a penn state student. Personally, I know many people who had to live off campus because they did not have a choice.

Where would you want to live next year?


I thought the same thing when it came time to move out of the dorm. Even though the dorms were small and a little spaceless, by the time I was able to call it home, it was time to move out. Like you I didn't know how I was going to be able to handle the life of living in an apartment. The only thoughts that would go through my mind were, how am I going to pay for the rent, or I'm a terrible cook, what the heck am i going to eat every night for dinner! Being able to walk over to the commons was the best. I;m not going to lie, I do occasionally miss being able to have a meal plan, but I have adapted to the apartment lifestyle. Here is another website that lists more pros and cons for dorm life and apartment life!!

I'm not exactly sure what your article was trying to prove. There are definitely pros and cons to both apartments and dormitories. I lived on campus for two years, and I'm now in an apartment off campus. As for costs, it can go either way. Depending on where you live on campus, you may end up paying more than you would for an apartment. Currently I live in a one bedroom apartment with two other girls, and it's not something I would recommend. The problem with apartments is that leases are for 12 months, and you almost definitely can't get out of it. If you don't like your roommate on campus, you can always move out the next semester; not the case off campus. I have 7 more months of putting up with a crazy person! By this time of year, most people know where they'll be living next year and who they'll be rooming with, but this website gives some tips on picking a roommate. Choose wisely, and remember that your best friend might not be the best roommate for you!

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