Christmas Trees Cause Depression?


              Well, it's that time of the year everyone. The time where every radio station you turn on, there's Christmas music playing. Also it's the time when everybody goes out to get a Christmas tree. Every year "about 25 million Christmas trees are purchased in the United States, according to the National Christmas Tree Association." Wow, there's actually a National Christmas Tree Association, I learn something new every day. Anyway, it is very important for one to take good care of the tree so that it can stay fresh for longer and also so it doesn't become a fire hazard. Between 2006-2010, U.S Fire Departments responded to 230 fires that stared with Christmas trees with an average 4 dead, 21 injuries, and 17.3 Million dollars in property damage. More Statistics Here

              People who celebrate Christmas buy the Christmas trees to celebrate the holiday and bring a lively hood to the houses, however, how is it that some studies have proven that Christmas trees cause depression? Study Researcher Michael Schmitt of Fraser University asked participants to fill out surveys about themselves while sitting in either a nondescript room or a room with a small Christmas Tree. In this study, 30 celebrators and 22 non celebrators took part. The researchers repeated this study, this time have 19 Buddhist students, 19 Sikh students, and 47 Christian students.

              In both studies, the Christians/ Christmas celebrators felt mostly cheered by the tree, while the non-celebrators/ religious minorities felt fewer positive feelings towards the presence of the tree. This seems like the obvious response people were looking for, people that like to celebrate Christmas like Christmas trees, and vice versa. Of Course, even for Christmas lovers the holidays can be a stressful time. However, the interesting part is that both groups thought that Christmas decorations would make them happier.

              This result I don't really understand. How could religious minorities and non-celebrators be inside a room with a Christmas tree and be uncomfortable and have fewer positive feelings, but also at the same time think that decorations would make them happier? Schmitt explains that "Maybe it's a subtle effect, and they weren't really aware that the tree is affecting them."             

              This article is then concluded by explaining that positive things for some people could have a negative effects for others so one should take time to think about how their symbols could affect others.

Christmas lights are usually the catalyst to the fires, so remember to unplug lights before going to be or leaving the house. Other safety tips here.


How many of you guys celebrate Christmas and what's the best present you've gotten?


At first when I read your title it grabbed my attention because I love christmas time and most importantly I love christmas trees and everything about them. Thinking that they could cause depression seems preposterous to me. This makes sense to me though since non-christmas celebrators may view christmas as a negative thing since literally everything around them is christmas themed for a month and half. I wonder if these feelings towards christmas trees have anything to do with jealousy or envy. I would interested in finding out a way to test that.

Hi Brian! My family and I celebrate christmas and my mother loves to keep the house nicely decorated for all of the holidays, especially christmas. I love Christmas time, there is an added feeling of warmth in the house that I no longer feel when the holiday is over. I never thought of it in manner before, but this feeling of warmth could be directly related to the christmas decorations, which then promote a holiday spirit which "warms the soul". My family and I use and artificial christmas tree dude to allergies and the convince of a artificial tree. It would be interesting to know that if these results that you discussed in your post are the product of strictly live trees, and if the same results would reoccur with an artificial tree. Overall I enjoyed reading your post and found it very insightful, and to answer your question my favorite christmas present of all time would have to be my air hockey table that I received when I was 10 years old. What about yourself?

I too was puzzled when I first looked at your post. It is understandable that some may view Christmas as depressing. With capitalist views all around us, giving is not really celebrated anymore. Getting however is focused on all season what with businesses staying open for obscene amounts of time and forcing employees whoa re now unable to spend the holidays with their families.

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