Chicken Soup May Be Enough

You feel your nose start to run, your chest tighten up, and your whole body starts to ache.  This is when you know that it is cold season.  The one thing everyone tells you to do is, "Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D."   The vitamin D is supposed to rid your cold, right? After researchers tested this theory, they found that the difference in the number of days sick between people taking vitamin D and people not taking the vitamin supplement was insignificant.  Over 400 studies have shown that adults with vitamin D pills ward off common illnesses and major diseases more than regular adults.  In addition, many adults have the sufficient amount of the vitamin and are at the point where a supplement will do no good for their health.  

For many years professionals thought that vitamin D was the magical mineral to living a healthy life style.  Recently, they have been proven wrong.  Dr. David Murdoch, with the University of Otago, stated, "Whether vitamin D can prevent colds is pretty much done and dusted in healthy people."  However, vitamin D is still an essential part to a healthy lifestyle.  For example, vitamin D helps patients with tuberculosis recovery quicker.

I believe that vitamin D supplements are not needed, however I do not believe that taking these supplements can harm the body.  Every time I come down with any common illness, I always look to the vitamin as the answer.  Now I know that this is unnecessary and a waste of energy. Always having the minerals in your body needed to be healthy replenished is a good thing, and although it is disproven to prevent common respiratory illnesses, there are still benefits.  The vitamin helps build up strong bones by aiding the body in absorbing the calcium.  The next time you hear from your mom, "Make sure to get vitamin D, your sick," settle for just a bowl of home-made chicken noodle soup.


I need to show this to my mom. I got sick over Thanksgiving break and could not swallow, yet my mom still insisted on shoving vitamins down my throat. I couldn't swallow, but she gave me 8 horse pills to swallow...makes sense. I do love some chicken soup, but I prefer to make it homemade because the processed soups don't make me feel healthy, they make me feel more sick. Try this really easy recipe for making homemade soup and freeze it for when you need it because I think that homemade food makes you feel better than canned food.

My mom always tells me that vitamin C is the answer to preventing sickness. I'm sure you see commercials all the time for things like Emergen-C or other vitamin C supplements that are said to boost the immune system and prevent illness. Most animals actually produce their own vitamin C, but humans are unable to do this. Luckily, vitamin C is one of the easiest vitamins to find in a common diet. However, my mom doesn't think this is good enough. She always encourages me to take vitamin C supplements. Unfortunately, as you can see in this article ( we still aren't sure exactly how much vitamin C helps us avoid the common cold.

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