Cellphones the gateway to better grades?


Everywhere we turn in modern day society, somebody is bound to be on their phone. Whether it is texting, talking, or updating social media, people have become incredibly attached to their cellphones. What happens when when our obsession with our phones translates to the classroom? According to Psych Central a new research study has found that wide-spread cellphone usage among college freshman is compromising grades. With social media being available so easily with our smart phones, and sometimes even being integrated with the phones, it makes perfect sense. But can colleges around the country use this new phenomena to their advantage?


It would make perfect sense to integrate technology into the classroom. By integrating technology into the classroom, it will allow the students to focus on school material, while still getting their fix of technology. In addition to data suggesting that college women use nearly 12 hours of media per day, researchers found that cell phones, social networking, movie/television viewing and magazine reading were most negatively associated with later academic outcomes, after accounting for their academic performance. The more the student was exposed to technology, the more likely that student was to have suffering grades. Who agrees that we should have more technology in the classroom?






While agree with you that excessive cell phone usage can be detrimental to grades. But I think that technology in class won't have a negative on grades. If the technology is effective in getting the attention of students, then there shouldn't be any problem with any distractions.

I agree with your blog in a sense that our generation is certainly consumed by social media. The advances in technology over the years have led to any and all social media being readily and easily accessible. I, myself, have found myself on my cell phone during class time before on social media, leading to distractions from learning objections. I think it is an interesting proposition to try to incorporate social media more in the classroom to help garner more attention from students. For example, I have friends in a sociology class here at Penn State that use Twitter for some of their assignments via social interaction with other students. There are certain types of courses that it would be difficult to incorporate social media in but for others it is certainly an interesting idea!

I agree that technology should be used more in the classroom. I think that it could benefit students at our age because we might actually be more interested in the subjects if we were able to connect it with our cell phones. For example, we use it in Dr. Reed's class and I find it highly affective. Technology can give quiet kids the opportunity to speak up in other ways than their voices. The only problem is that it could be a MAJOR distraction. I constantly find myself checking twitter and texting in class for just a few minutes, but then find myself lost in what the professor is saying. Technology use has some great advantages but it could also hurt people who don't know how to control themselves.

Ricardo, I'm sorry to say, but I must disagree. I don't think that cell phones are a good indicator of our academic intelligence. I actually think that social media is hinder my study time. When it comes to a paper, studying for an exam, or even reading through blogs, I'm constantly stopping mid sentence just to check my phone for a recent update. Why can't it wait? Instead of being focused on my work, my mind is wondering to twitter and what's new with everyone. JournalistsResource.org explains how technology has truly benefited us in ways of multitasking. However, when it comes to focusing on one specific task, our minds are still multitasking. In one test, researchers compared heavy media multitaskers to light media multitaskers. They found that "when intentionally distracting elements were added to experiments, heavy media multitaskers were on average 77 milliseconds slower than their light media multitasker." Multitasking was said to make us work quicker, but when it comes to schooling and social media, its actually making us slower.


I think that implementing technology in the classroom is a really good idea. I know that half of the students in my classes are already on their phones for most of class anyway. If there was a purpose, I think it would catch on really quickly. Since technology isn't going away anytime soon, we should at least use it in our favor and educate through it rather than let it distract us.

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