Can You Love Someone Too Much?

Parents claim they could never love their child too much, but is there actually such thing as too much love? If a child is smothered and babied on a daily basis, will this negatively effect them? Sometimes parents give in way too easily to show their love for their child, but what they're doing is actually hurting them in the long run. If a child is over-nurtured, they are more likely to grow up to not be giving and loving people because they are so used to getting everything their way. 

When these children go out on their own and are exposed to the real world and not their safe bubble at home, everything seems so different to them. Nothing resembles their safe home and the environment they grew up in. These children are never exposed to working for what they want or dealing with frustrations on their own. When these children go to college, especially college far from home and in a different environment, they will feel completely out of sorts. Being on your own in college is already hard enough, but having to deal with simple struggles you've never experienced before make it all the more difficult.

By being overprotective, parents are taking away the chance for their children to learn from their own mistakes. While they think they are protecting them, they're really just causing damage. Recent studies at Stanford University show that children of overly loving parents might be more likely to do poorly in school, use drugs and alcohol more frequently compared to children who has more firm parents who encouraged independence. 

Parents constantly struggle between three things: overindulging, overprotecting and over controlling. The find it hard to balance between not being involved, and being too involved, ignoring your kids problems, and wanting to fight them for them and allowing them to do whatever they want and taking over their actions. For the most part, parents learn as they go and end up doing a great job. So although you cannot measure if you're loving your child too much, you can always evaluate things, take a step back and make sure they're becoming their own person without too much of your own opinion.


Wow, I found your blog quiet interesting because I always tell my mom she loves me too much and she needs to give me some space sometimes, especially being in college. When I researched your topic more in depth I found in many that emotions might be harmful when they become excessive. I decided to read into more loving a lover to much rather than a family member. Check out this article that talks about loving someone too much in a romantic sense.

This article was the definition of my Aunt Debbie. According to the British Journal of Psychiatry, children of overprotective parents are more likely to be agoraphobics, which is anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety in situations where the sufferer perceives certain environments as dangerous or uncomfortable. And let me tell you, that's the definition of my Aunt's son.

Over powering parents and parents who don't care enough are a usually the reasons for children to act out. Children are should know their place and respect their parents but parents should also do the same. To draw a fine line of where each other stands is a good idea to implement early on in childhood. According to an article on self-growth the top three parenting mistakes are getting into power struggles which create resistance in a child. Treating a child as if they know nothing and you know everything. Finally, towering over and overpowering your child to get them to do as you want. These three factors build anger and frustration within a child and leave them with anxiety and stress for the future. Often these children either act out completely or have no backbone and this can leave them struggling with the elements of life in growing up. I agree completely with you because I think a lot of parents don’t know what they’re doing when they are raising their child especially with teen pregnancy on the rise. Teen pregnancy is another factor I think goes into the way some children act as they may have younger parents.

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