Can Drone Shipping Actually Happen?

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Recently, my friend told me about this new fad called "drone shipping" that Amazon has been buzzing about. Amazon is calling this new technology in which they would like to reveal by 2015 "Amazon Prime Air". This is a concept in which Amazon would receive an order online, an employee would place it in a plastic box and then it would be transported on a conveyer belt to get picked up by a small drone that will then fly it directly to the persons house. If you would like to see exactly how Amazon pictures "Amazon Prime Air", check out this video! Almost looks too good to be true, right? Well, it may be.

In a recent article done by Popular Science, Kelsey Atherton explains why Amazon's plan for delivery drones isn't quite realistic. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says that Amazon's drones could begin delivering packages as early as 2015. However, Atherton says that a more realistic date would be around 2020, considering all of the setbacks they will encounter. As stated by the Federal Aviation Administration, drones can only be used for commercial purposes if the pilot keeps the drone within eyesight at all times. Atherton says "Before Amazon distribution centers can send drones on deliveries, the FAA must figure out how to safely integrate all these new flying objects into U.S. airspace." This is just one of the issues involved with Amazon's Prime Air. Currently, most aircrafts use the "see and avoid" principal, meaning that if they see something in the air, they will avoid it, following the general rules of the air. However, drones do not have a human onboard that can physically see other objects in air around them, so this could cause some issues I'd say!!

On the other hand, the idea of drone shipping that Amazon's Prime Air conveys is definitely something that could be very beneficial in the future. Can you imagine how much easier your life would be to just have the ability to order something online and be able to walk outside your front door around an hour later and see it sitting there? It would certainly make things so much more convenient. Whether the concept come out in around a year or around six years, it is definitely something to look forward to, and gets you thinking, how much more could you accomplish through the accessibility of Amazon Prime Air?


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I saw the same video the other day and it looks pretty sweet, but I was also very skeptical of this new shipping technology. The drones look very small and unprotected from the weather, animals, or even people. I don't think I could trust these drowns to safely deliver my purchase. I'm sure they can't travel that far too, and if so I'm sure the charges would be much higher than normal shipping, maybe even higher than one day shipping. It's a cool idea, but I think it's an unrealistic one and won't be successful for a very long time. I still think that Amazon gains something even more valuable than the drones service though, this is a great way to generate some publicity for your site. They don't plan on actually releasing this type of delivery for a while now, but the buzz well definitely get people talking about Amazon and visiting their site.

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