Caffeine Part 1


Caffeine, a college student's best friend? Not mine! I don't drink coffee at all.. ever.. I know some of you may find this shocking considering the fact you need your daily dose just to get through a few classes. The reason I don't drink it is simply because of the taste, not a fan. 




About 90% of americans consume caffeine in one way or another regardless of how (ex: coffee, pills, etc.). The average amount of caffeine consumed by the average adult in the United States is about 300 milligrams per day. AKA it is america's number one most commonly used drug so far. In comparison to many different countries all around the world, the US takes the number one spot for coffee consumption.. Hard not to since we're constantly surrounded by Starbucks! 


Caffeine can be found in many different things such as:








-energy drinks 


Hi Helena,
I am one of those people that you mentioned that have to drink coffee every day. I would be too tired to get going without my daily dosage of caffeine. It is very surprising that 90% of Americans consume caffeine every day. The average amount is also surprising to me. I don't know how much caffeine is a lot but I would assume that 300mg isn't a lot. I look forward to reading the second part of this post.

Hello! I am a coffee addict. It started out as a casual cup or two, now I find myself drinking it everyday. I'm honestly not surprised that so many Americans also rely on caffeine. However, I know so many people that don't just drink it for the caffeine boost, but just feel an addiction to it. I do wonder why the U.S. is number one in coffee consumption. Do you think other countries have developed other habits that may compare to Americans' coffee consumption. For example, Asian countries typically drink large amounts of tea, and European countries smoke excessive amounts of cigarettes. Just a thought, but I'll definitely be looking at the other parts of your article.

Coffee has many positive and some negative effects on our health. Since caffeine is contained in coffee, the drink acts a stimulant. Stimulants increase brain and physical capabilities. Almost all pre workout mixes contain a dosage of the drug which enables increased muscular function and endurance. The same goes for mental capacity. Coffee helps a lot with studying and maintaining focus on mental tasks, which is why it is so commonly used by college students. There are implications to its consumption as well. Yellowing of the teeth is an issue for long time coffee drinkers and there is also a loss of appetite. This loss of appetite is caused by the energy that the stimulant replaces for a calorie based energy. I am beginning to drink coffee now that finals are approaching because the pros outweigh the cons in my mind.

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