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There are many different forms of social media that have became very popular in our society. They are all great means of being able to communicate, interact, and exchange information with our peers. An array of eye-opening interesting facts about social media were released in a recent study. For example, social media has taken over pornography as the #1 activity on the web. Also, 93% of marketing departments in businesses use social media as a means to advertise. Even the older demographic of society are beginning to learn to use social media. The most popular applications are Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn, to name a few. As it continues to grow, it certainly poses the question of whether or not one can actually become addicted to social media.
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Although there are many benefits to social media, there are definitely also some downsides. As a user myself, I often find myself using social media as a means of distraction/procrastination from important things such as schoolwork. It can certainly consume a lot of your free time when you could be getting things done. A recent study that surveyed users of social media revealed that close to half of those had claimed that social media had changed their lives, and 51% of those said in a negative manner. 45% of those stated that not having access to Facebook or e-mail made them feel anxious or on-edge. Many of those surveyed also said that they felt they needed to turn their phones off before bed in order to completely shut off all access to social media so that it would not distract them.

Studies like these reaffirm that their could definitely be a problem with social media addiction in our society today. We should all take steps to potentially monitor ourselves from using social media too much and try to limit the amount of time we spend on it each day. There are definitely more productive things we could get done in the time we spend on social media, such as blogging!


Like you said in your article I am also one who uses social media to procrastinate from doing homework or from even paying attention in class. I find that social media is a huge distraction to everyone. Even if you're not the one on it in class and the person in front of you is, you may find yourself trying to keep up with them on their newsfeed. I truly believe that there is an addiction to social media. Partially because I know a lot of people who spend a good amount of their time scrolling through twitter and Facebook every two minutes. Since i've came to college have gotten more things to do I find that I don't spend as much time on social media as I used to! And I really think that this addiction is going to get worse as technology grows. Here is another article about social media addiction!

I find this very interesting. My family always tells me badly my friends and I are addicted to social media. I don't usually notice it until I look back on my day & realize that I spent a good portion of it on the phone or on my laptop. I found this article ( very intriguing. In a new Harvard study, they have tried to pin-point why exactly our generation is so addicted to social media.

I find this article to be very interesting and very relevant to today's society. I agree that social media is a great development in this day in age and great way to communicate. I am also finding it as a distraction to my work though. Whenever I study I constantly find myself periodically checking my phone and taking up half hour chunks at a time. It has affected my grades at time so I definitely see how there is an addiction to social media. My new technique is too turn my phone off and put it away in order to get my studying done earlier. Technology will keep advancing and catching the attention of everyone everywhere but hopefully we can just get our work done on time first!

Its crazy to think we are one of the first generations with all the social media distractions and it's as if we couldn't survive without it. I think that social media is a giant distraction and probably is playing a part in the negative results of a recent study comparing US teenagers' intelligence vs those of other countries. In the study linked below it has been concluded that other have seen consistent increases while the US remained 'stagnant'. Check it out

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