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            In Africa, many people with penises--about three million--have become voluntarily circumcised as a result of a new finding. Unaids, the United Nation AIDS fighting program, have said that more and more people with penises have been coming in since a study in 2007 showed that being circumcised lowers your AIDS infection risk by more than sixty percent. Initial studies found that circumcision would only decrease risk by half, but looking into it further showed an even greater benefit to circumcision. [ x ]

            Unaids has set a goal to circumcise twenty million more people with penises by 2015. That is a lot of circumcisions scheduled for 2014. They're going to need to circumcise more than fifty thousand people with penises a day if they want to achieve that goal.

            Many people with penises who have already contracted AIDS have requested circumcisions as well. It may not help them to not pass on H. I. V. to other people, but it does help to prevent other diseases such as HPV. The circumcision procedure also has no affect on gay people "engaged in receptive anal sex." [ x ]http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/23/science/23hiv.html

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Do they have doctors who are willing to perform this? More than 50,000 circumcisions a day is a lot so they're going to have to have a lot of doctors on staff. Given that I'm not a boy, I had a lot of questions about circumcision such as how many can you do a day and can you be too old to receive one? This website offered a lot of insight http://teens.webmd.com/boys/circumcision-faq. Also, you can be circumcised at any age.

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