Try to Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Ta-Ta's, Ladies!



Lately, we can't go a day without hearing that something we never thought could cause cancer, does. For a while, I've heard that proximity of a cell phone to a person's head could cause brain cancer. However, more recently, it has come to my intention cell phones could be a leading factor in breast cancer.

When there are no pockets to be used, women & teenage girls decide to place their phone inside of their bra. However, something that could seem so harmless can actually be very detrimental. Tiffany Frantz spoke to Inside Edition in THIS article, about how keeping her phone in her bra changed her life forever. Innocently, Tiffany kept her phone tucked away in her bra, for over twelve years. However, over time a small lump appeared and began to grow larger & larger, and was eventually diagnosed as cancerous. She claims that her cell phone was the cause. Under further investigation, it was found that Tiffany's cell phone was completely shut down, so could Tiffany's breast cancer possibly have been caused by a third variable or chance?

In addition, Andrea X, for multiple years rested her cellphone on her chest (while in use). The skin on which it was placed began to redden and eventually a malignant tumor emerged from the location where the phone was always placed.

Cellphones sometimes come with a warning, for example in THIS article, it is stated that the iPhone 4 manual states that, "FCC guidelines for safe exposure can be exceeded". Obviously, there must be some sort of risk, however nothing has been found fully supporting the case that cell phone's could be a leading factor in Breast Cancer.

Be smart. Phone's emit radiation, just as Microwaves & other appliances do. You wouldn't make it a habit to stand extremely close to a working microwave, so don't do the same with your cellphone. As of now, although there are multiple examples supporting correlation between the two. This does not mean that cellphones are strictly the cause.

If you would like to learn more about how cell phone's could potentially cause breast cancer, among other things, click HERE.

NOV 30-

Tiffany Frantz's mother emailed in to correct some inaccurate information found in prior research included in this  posting. Tiffany was only 21 years of age when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Secondly, she kept her phone in her bra for 5 years, not 12 as listed in the cited articles. Finally, her phone was not shut down,but fully operational throughout the entire time she had kept it so close to her chest.


I could easily see how cell phones could potentially cause breast cancer or just form a lump in your breast. In 11th grade my doctor found a lump in my breast that is non cancerous (thank god) but could have been caused by anything. Now it makes me curious that maybe it is because of my cell phone. I occasionally will put my cell phone in my shirt when I don't have pockets or a purse with me but I will not do that anymore. Heres an article that shows the different types of breast lumps women can get.

Personally, I think our society has gotten a little out of hand when it comes to suspecting things are causing cancer. Like you said, it really does feel like every day there's a new product that we should avoid to prevent ourselves from getting cancer. However, I looked at the American Cancer Society and what they had to say regarding what causes cancer. Of course they talked about smoking and drinking, and genetics, and they also have a separate section for other causes of cancer. This section discusses things in home, like the microwave you mentioned, that you should avoid, along with pollution. This site is just one site and it obviously does not list any and every product that has the possibility of causing cancer, but I think our society in general has just become too paranoid. What's going to be next on the list of things to cause cancer?

I completely agree that society suspects everything causes cancer and it seems to me that we also tend to blame cell phones for things that go wrong as well. Growing up my grandma used to tell me that by using my cell phone so much, bees were dying and essentially we would one day kill off the entire bee population. Not sure how much of that is true, but that's besides the point.
Your post was very interesting because I definitely find myself putting my phone in my shirt every now and then. As we've learned in class, the cause of this could just be chance and that there is no link between cell phones and breast cancer. This would certainly have to be proven on many more occasions for scientists to come to some sort of conclusion. An article I found regarding this subject said that with the millions of people using cell phones around the world, if this was true, there would have been many more cases of breast cancer caused by cell phones. I'm not saying it's completely wrong, but there is definitely more research that could be done. We can never forget to weigh out chance!

I think this is a really interesting topic. It's scary to hear that "everything causes cancer" but unfortunately it's true. There are so many things that doctors are telling us to stay away from because they could lead to cancer. I have heard about this idea before but never really looked into it too much. It actually makes sense to me though, even though I am guilty of doing this at times. I had always heard a lot of talk about how just talking on the phone can give you cancer and how you're supposed to limit use but where do you draw the line? It's crazy to think that just having your cell phone close to your body can create tumors. When researching, I only found articles about this specific girl that you mentioned. I wonder if there are any other studies with other women done. It's hard for me to believe this with how little information there really is on the topic. I found an interesting article that explained that younger women are more likely to develop breast cancer from their phone. Basically the artlce ended with explaining that research really needs to be done but it's better to be safe than sorry. I can agree with that. Here is the article for more information.

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