To Fart, or not to Fart....Is the Question.



fart.png"It's not nasty, it's normal. Everybody farts." We have heard this for the longest. Even though releasing gas is nasty you have to do it. I remember my mom telling my sisters and me to never hold our gas in and I always wondered why. She stated how it could mess up our insides, so I took a look into it.

            Flatulence is made in the stomach and intestines as your body breaks down food into energy. It releases gas through the digestive system through the anus. There are a lot of things that can cause gas. As embarrassing it might be to let loose, the question is, it worth it? I think it is bad to hold gas because you can really harm your insides and cause internal problems and not think too much of it. HeathLine article, explains some of the causes of having gas. It explains how swallowing air is one of the factors of having gas. They say chewing gum is a cause because you are swallowing gas bubbles as you eat. Also, you dietary choices are also a factor, don't eat foods that make you gassy or eat less of it.

            Some people always say, "Hold your gas, until we get outside" or "just try and hold it." What they fail to realize is that they are giving the gassy person the wrong type of help. According to Dr. Ben Kim, holding gas can seriously put your health in danger. When you hold gas, you are blocking and stretching wall cells that can cause bloating. Also, you can have constipation and abdominal pain. Studies also, say this can cause bad breathe, halitosis.

            So the choice is up to you. Would you rather just let is loose right there and then? Say excuse, smile and carry on with your errands? Or would you hold it in and possibly damage your insides and have gas get into your bloodstreams, and suffer abdominal pain all day?


As I was reading your post, it didn't surprise me at all. Things such as farting or sneezing are natural bodily functions and trying to prevent those things from happening can't be good for your body. I hear all the time that it is also bad to hold in a sneeze so I decided to look a little deeper into it. I found an article discussing the harmful things that could happen if you were to hold in sneezes. Many of the injuries are extremely rare, but there is always that possibility. Some permanent damage that could occur is injury to the diaphragm, ruptured ear drum or breaking blood vessels. To read more about this check out the article I put the link to below!

Gas is a very important component in the functioning of the human body. There are many reasons why you should never hold in gas that is trying to leave your body. One very important reason why you shouldn't is that you are creating unnecessary stress on the body. It also effects the lower gastro-intestional organs as much as the rectum. From this it causes major discomfert to your body as well as causing bloating. If holding in gas is a common occurrence for you , you might be at risk for more complicated health conditions . It is always more safe to let it out then hold it in. It is never a good idea to keep that chemical makeup inside you body, remember there is a reason why your body wants to get rid of it. For more information check out this helpful website :

Like the previous commenters, I am not surprised that letting out gas is a completely healthy function of the body. There is a reason that every single person on the planet releases gas.
• An average fart is made of:
59% nitrogen
21% hydrogen
9% carbon dioxide
7% methane
4% oxygen
1% hydrogen sulfide, the smelly part

It is essential to let out gas in order to avoid bloating, as well as helping release nitrogen that can cause sharp pains in the intestin area in a person. The idea is the same as holding in a sneeze, in that the body is literally letting you know that it want's to release the air. Without these functions, our bodies would not be able to properly filter out toxins and and other impurities that sometimes can enter us.


i figured that holding it in would be bad for the body like you stated. It causes belly aches and bloating. Although, I do not think it is a good idea to let it loose anywhere you want. It is embarrassing even though it is something that happens naturally. There is a place to do that so when you feel it coming go to the bathroom. Also, I found an article about foods that make you gassy. Gum, apples, onion, beans, bubbly drinks, broccoli, dairy products, eggs, and wheat are all associated to making people gassy. So, if you have somewhere important to go maybe try to avoid eating these foods until after the event is over.

My roommate passes gas anytime she has to. She doesn't hesitate because she said she use to hold it and it would give her horrible stomach pains. I think that nothing should ever be fought against when it comes to our body. If we have to puke, we should puke, if we have to fart, we should fart.

I had no idea that gum could lead to this. She also chews gum regularly so maybe that's why she does it so often?

This article talks about what you said about gum and also notes other things that may lead to farting. The smoking goes in hand with chewing gum! Who knew this stuff? Not me, thanks for writing this blog.

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