The two arguments regarding Athletes and GPA

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As an athlete myself, well, a competitive dancer, I have taken time to research if being a high school athlete can either, help or hinder an individual's GPA. There can be many types of hypothesis due to this argument.


1)   Student athleticism will help a students GPA by giving them a GPA requirement, keeping them on top of things, and managing their time.

2)   Student athleticism can hinder a students GPA because they spend more time on their sport then on their studies. 

Both hypotheses can be a null hypothesis on one another depending on what the scientist is trying to prove.  If the scientist is proving that athleticism helps a students academic performance, its null hypothesis would be that athleticism does not help a students academic performance.  It is extremely important that one takes a stance on which hypothesis, in order to gain further research.

      To continue, I have taken the stance that High School Athletes do have a higher GPA.. I did a lot of research into this and found a particular article that stands out.

      According to this article on Every Day Life, "Sports participation is associated with higher GPA's, lower dropout rates, and stronger commitments to school compared to the average, non athletic high school student".     

      As a point of interest, many schools require an eligibility requirement, as far as a GPA to have to even make it on the sports team. In addition to that, they have to maintain a certain GPA if they want to keep playing in the games. These schools are using reinforcement, to keep their grades up in order to participate in their sport as much as they can.

      A study was done at Michigan State University in 2009, where researchers found people who participated in vigorous sports did 10 percent better in Science, English, Math, and Social Studies compared to other students. They also were able to see that athletes have GPA that is a full point higher.

A confounding variable to these experiments can be gender roles. According to this article, female's athletes  (more then males) are the ones who show significant higher gpas than non-female athletes. In this case, GPA and Athleticism are not the only two variables, but gender can be that "x" or confounding variable".

       This can be compared to many experiments done in class such as If Prayer Heals. We gathered evidence, did experiments, and came to a hypothesis. For both arguments, this all can possibly be due to change, false negatives or false positives.

      Overall, I still feel very confidant about my position in this argument. How do you feel?


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I think a college students that also participates in sports can be very stressful. As a freshman, I came into Penn State with a dance minor. This year I have decided to change my minor because I felt it was holding me back from taking certain classes I wanted and as a result I wasn't receiving the grades that I wanted to. I think your hypothesis on participating in sports is beneficial because of the academic requirement is very helpful, but it can't always be done. In the article, Making the Grade: Academic Success in Today's Athlete, it states, "In order to compete the athlete must remain academically eligible; thus, various academic support programs have been implemented by athletic departments as a means of maintaining eligibility and ensuring academic progress." I think this is the perfect way to ensure that students maintain their academic progress to achieve the best grades possible while still participating in something they love, other than school of course!

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