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Have you ever found yourself being attracted to a man who is not your type whatsoever? This happens to many women all of the time and was curious as to why this may be. I know we are attracted to the opposite sex due to our 5 senses but it can't be all physical. I decided to research what is the main cause to sexual attraction:


The scent of another human can influence sexual attraction for the better or worse. "Pheromones are odorless chemicals that can signal an individual's identity, arousal or sexual receptivity (Wright 1994". Everyone has them but women are more sensitive to the smell of men. This doesn't mean that women enjoy the scent of a mans sweat, because pheromones are odorless but they are when oxygen and your pheromones intermingle and are easy for women's smell receptors to point out. We do not notice pheromones consciously because they do not have a specific smell to them. If a woman subconsciously finds a males scent pleasant she will be more sexually attracted to him. "In short, smell assists with the most important tasks: finding mates and food"
says, Monell's director, Gary Beauchamp, Ph. D. This is why colognes and perfumes can cover your natural smell you give off, but they are still there. Many women seem to get confused and believe that they are in love with a man because of lust or sexual appeal. However, some come to realize that the only reason they were attracted was due to pheromones. If a woman loves her man but does not love the way he smells this could mean that this is a bad genetic combination. There are certain men for certain women and the smell needs to match up with the liking of a woman. So if you ever find yourself being attracted to a man, think about his smell. 




I really liked your blog because I have done research on this topic myself. It is crazy that there are hormones called pheromones that can cause attraction of an individual. Personally, after researching about this, I have made sure to put on perfume everyday, expecially in front of my boyfriend! I wonder if it is the same case with body wash, lotion, or even the shaving cream you use....
This is a little more on pheromones:

This is crazy!! I have always had an extremely keen sense of smell which is both good and bad. I am easily sickened by certain smells but also easily attracted to others. I love wearing perfume and smelling other peoples cologne and perfume. I can't believe that you might only be attracted to someone because of their smell. I never thought about this before, but it does makes sense to me. I was interested to find out more about women and their sense of smell. I came across a pretty neat article about women "smelling their competition". In the study women were asked to smell a shirt of another women aged 18-21. Their testosterone levels were collected after they smelled the shirt.There was a positive correlation with testosterone levels and fertility levels. The study went on to explain that these same things happen among men as well. Goes to show how powerful the sense of smell is! Here is the link to the article if you want more information!

Who would've thought! I have never heard of that hypothesis before: That men's odor can attract a female even if his physical appearance does not! My boyfriend used to use this cologne when we first started dating. Whenever he uses it now it immediately brings me back to that time! So that's where another question emerges...can scents act a trigger to one's memory? For example, does the smell of pumpkin pie make one reminisce on past halloweens, or does the smell of holly make one reminisce of past christmases? This article here provides further evidence to back up my hypothesis, I suggest you reading it!

Your post really caught my eye because I have a very weak sense of smell. I have heard of pheromones before, but I never thought of their effect on me, and if my lack of smell would weaken their effects. I can't really recall ever being attracted to someone who I've never spoken to and who I don't find physically attractive. Does this mean they don't effect me because of my lack of smell? It was tough to find any clear research on the effects of pheromones on anosmics(people with no sense of smell), but according to Live Science people with anosmia typically miss emotional cues that normal people would not. Pheromones play a big roll in triggering these same cues. If pheromones are responsible for these cues I think that having a weak sense of smell would severely lower the effects of pheromones. Having a weak sense of smell sucks, but I also don't think I'd want to be with someone just because my nose likes them.


This is actually really funny because my roommate and I were just talking about it! She always says anytime she smells a certain cologne, she always has to go find the person wearing it and see what they look like because it makes them so much more attractive to her. I never thought that there was a reason for this, but it totally makes sense. It makes me wonder how much our other senses effect attraction. Does that mean we could be equally as attracted to someone's voice? WebMD leads me to believe that the same thing is absolutely true. People may pick their mates based on how attractive they find his or her voice. It's crazy to think how many things really go into attraction.

Quite crazy to think that smell might actually play into someone's level of attractiveness. I am quite interested in this subject matter and am going to post a blog article in response to it and I will make sure to link your article! Another article that sparked some more cool ideas about one's attractiveness was this one featured on Men's Health. It described how women play mind games but at the bottom of the article it said, "In a study at the University of Texas, guys experienced a drug-like buzz after viewing photos of hourglass-shaped female butts and hips. The right waist-to-hip ratio is a serious sign of reproductive potential, which sends a pleasure-packed jolt through the reward centers of a man’s brain, the researchers say." The human body is quite interesting, wouldn't you say?

This finding does not actually at all surprise me. I too find myself becoming attracted to someone and not knowing why, but their scent definitely can have an influence on that. The link below provides an experimental study that had men wear the same t-shirt for two days straight and then had females sniff the shirts and decide which man who wore the shirt would be more attractive. The study showed that women liked the man's t-shirt who's DNA was opposite to theirs. To me this study provided hard evidence that scent does affect level of attraction. The only factor that I think must be considered is one that you mentioned; cologne. This could be a confounding variable that causes a woman to be more attracted to a man. And in order for the study to be a well conducted study the men could not have worn any cologne on the t-shirts that they wore for two days.

I loved this blog because I found it so relatable. If someone smells good, it makes them so attractive. Likewise, if they smell, it can be such a turn off!
I think because smell is such a dominant sense, it helps us determine who we are attracted to just like sight.

A little off topic but somewhat related,I have also found myself remembering someone due to their smell. Like if some guy smelled like Giorgio Armani and I was walking through Dillard's and smelled it, I would think about him!

This article and video better explain what I am talking about,

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