The Holiday Blues


With the holidays coming up there is no doubt that people are very busy.  The whole point of the holidays is not only to celebrate, but to bring people together.  It is a time to be kind and helpful to others during the holiday season.  It is about being with your family and friends and enjoying your time together.  Sometimes, I feel as though people get too caught up in preparation for the holidays that they do not take time out to reflect on the important things.  Instead they sometimes become miserable during this time of year.  The holiday season is my favorite time of the year.  I love everything that comes along with the holidays, and I find that I am always in a good mood at this time of year.  I recently heard that people get very depressed during the holidays and was wondering  how this could be? So, why is it that the holiday season causes depression?

I read an article which states why people feel depressed during the holidays.  This article states that many people are unable to handle the stress of the holiday as well as being able to exercise which means that people gain weight. Another article says that a survey was done which showed that 45 percent of people dread the holidays.  Many people want the holiday season to be perfect like they are shown on television so expectations are set very high.  If people do not meet these expectations then they can become depressed.  Also, the gifts that are advertised could cause depression for some people with trying to meet the demands for the best gifts ever for family and friends.  Another factor that could cause people to be depressed during the holidays is gatherings with family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers that they do not want to meet with or even people who get seasonal depression can still be depressed during the holidays.  People who are spending there holidays alone due to a loved one passing away may also experience depression.  The symptoms of holiday blues include drinking heavily, insomnia, over eating, and headaches. 

Another article states that two-thirds of women deal with depression during the holidays.  The trigger of depression during the holidays can be just about anything; it is very hard to pinpoint.  This study did find three very plausible causes which are relationships, finances, and physical demands.  This would make sense because I know even my mother tries to make the holidays perfect.  She slaves over the perfect dinners for the holidays and if one thing goes wrong then she worries that she ruined the event.  The holidays like I stated before are about being with family and friends so stop worrying about making it perfect and just enjoy yourself.


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This is a very interesting post . I have looked into this as well and I found on this websites the coloration between the winter months and suicide rates. check it out if you are interested. It talks about how people always attach winter months a suicide rates together but in fact it is a myth. The rates in December have actually been quite lower than one might think.

I can very well relate to this blog. I am the type of person who loves to surprise people with gifts over the holidays, and as a poor college student, this year is causing more stress than ever. I almost feel unsatisfied with myself because I know that this year my gifts to friends and family won't be as grand as they were in years past when I had a job at home. I feel that the money factor is probably the biggest contribution to holiday time blues especially with America's economy today. It saddens me to think about all of the people who are even less fortunate that I am and can't provide a perfect holiday for their family.

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