Snapchat: Emotional Responses

Ever since I downloaded the popular app Snapchat, the amount I text has decreased significantly. A issue with texting that I always found was not being able to show emotion and that miscommunication is very likely. Why is this app so popular? Personally, I believe the statement of "a picture is worth a thousand words" hold true in this app, which makes it so unique. In other words, humans have lost face to face connection, and even though the app cannot take place of talking to a person personally, the picture app brings something different to the communication table.

Ever send a text that you thought was funny, but you reread it a lot to make sure it made sense? Snapchat successfully fixes this because with a facial expression, there is no miscommunication, and the receiver has more of a connection with the sender because there is a face with a sender, not just words.

How does this relate to science? Well physiologically humans like simple things, and this app is the definition of simplicity. There are no filters, comments, and with a click of a button you can send a photo to multiple people. Humans do not like to be stressed with technology, and the fact that a message can be spread to a plethora of friends and family with a click of button is incredible.

Emotionally, a photo sent over Snapchat can get more of a reaction when compared to a text message. When I receive a funny photo over the app versus a text I feel a more of a connection with the picture. Even though I text an average amount I would still prefer a face to face connection, thus I am more fond of Snapchat, even though it is not close to a substitute.



I really like how you connected this to science! It's so funny how different apps and social media we use every day can always relate to science in some way. I hate science but when it comes to reading articles about topics I enjoy I don't mind is so much. I completely agree with you that you feel more of a connection per say to a snap than you do a regular text. I also like how you defined it as "simple". I never really thought of it that way but it really is just simple to send a message to however many friends you want. i think there are also many emotional ties to snap chat, mostly humorous ones. Most people aren't snapping themselves looking too great which creates that humor. Are people getting addicted though? I walk around campus constantly seeing people snapping. I often read buzzfeed and found this really funny article about being addicted to snap chat
it's a really quick and funny read so check it out!

Nothing makes me more angry when someone misinterprets my text as rude or insulting. This is the sole reason why I prefer to snap chat over text, because as you said, it is very unlikely for the receiver to take the message the wrong way. Texting is also highly criticized for being the reason why our generation has poor communication skills. Snap chat, especially with the video option, is moving in the right direction to solving this issue. The more people practice with face to face interaction, the better they will perform in important events such as job interviews and presentations. I realize that snap chat is not the ideal way to solve this problem, but it is definitely a lot better then solely communicating through text message, which has zero real social interaction.

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