Makeup makes you pretty right?

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Makeup: cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance. Some people do not wear makeup, but the majority of women do wear it to make them feel more put together. "50% of American women believe wearing makeup gives them a leg up at work and makes them feel in control". Usually brands and companies tend to leave out the negatives of wearing makeup and how it can affect our skin. We apply mascara to our eyelashes, foundation to our face, and eye shadow to our eyelids. Constantly wearing and applying products to your bare skin cannot be 100% safe. I decided to do some research on this, and this is what I found:


Women use makeup daily, if you are one of those women your body is absorbing 5 pounds of chemicals a year through the skin. Richard Bence, a biochemist who has been researching this topic said: "We really need to start questioning the products we are putting on our skin and not just assume that the chemicals in them are safe."  We are putting products onto our body that can have side effects to them and even make us look older. "If lipstick gets into your mouth it is broken down by the enzymes in saliva and in the stomach. But chemicals get straight into your bloodstream, there is no protection."  It is ironic how we wear makeup to make us look younger and more beautiful but the truth about makeup is that the chemicals in the products can be toxic and wearing heavy makeup will trim years off your face making you look older. If makeup is not taken off before bed, it can clog pores and prevent your skin from breathing.


Some scientists believe that wearing makeup can be a life-altering choice. Foundation for example is used to attempt to hide your blemishes and make your face a certain tone, to take away from looking fatigued or old for that matter. According to Mintlife Blog the average women spends 15,000 dollars on products in her lifetime and 3, 770 on mascara alone. We all have preferences and a budget so this determines what makeup we buy and use. More than 40 billion dollars are spent annually on cosmetics alone.  


However, there are solutions to the cons of wearing makeup! Do not wear too much makeup and only wear what is necessary. Make sure before you purchase a product to read the ingredients so you are aware of what you are applying to your skin. Also make sure you take off all of your makeup before bed, because by doing so you are allowing the skin to breathe and absorb oxygen. Otherwise your skin could break out and your pores will clog. Also by reducing the amount of makeup you wear daily you are not only helping your skin but saving money as well. 



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5 pounds of chemicals a year! Wow. My jaw definitely dropped when I read that number. I try not to wear makeup when it's not necessary, but I feel like makeup has just become part of everyone's daily routine. Society today basically expects us to always be looking our best and if you're not wearing makeup you're looked down on. With that being said, this sounds a lot like the cell phone studies we look at in class today. Even though there may be some legitimate evidence that cell phones cause cancer, do you really think that will make people stop using them? Something we've all come accustomed to using all day everyday and just like that we quit cold turkey? Makeup goes into that same category. To try to be smart about it, check out the link below that gives a list of some of the chemicals to avoid when buying and using makeup.

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