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This world is a messed up place sometimes. From corruption to discrimination to disasters that are out of our hands. There has been much talk about life outside our planet Earth. Scientists have researched planets in our own solar system, like Mars, and outside of it too. So is there life elsewhere?


A recent study by Science Magazine shows three new planets that show potential to be habited. These three planets are Kepler-62c, Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f. They orbit the Kepler-62 star, hence their names, but this star is 1,200 light-years away. A light-year is equivalent to 5.88 trillion miles.


CNN describes the planets as follows:

·         Kepler-62f:

o    40% larger than Earth

o   Potentially rocky

o   Has land mass and water

·         Kepler-62e:

o   60% larger than Earth

o   Potentially a "water world"

·         Kepler-62c:

o   70% larger than Earth

o   Potentially a "water world"


    So now that these planets have been added to the potentially habitable places outside Earth, how likely are the chances of us actually seeing life there?


Well, I would say not likely...yet.


          First off, think of the distance. These planets are ridiculously far and it would take what seems like a life time to get there to start up a civilization. And as for research, these planets are "so far away there are no telescopes envisioned -- or affordable -- that would be capable of observations that could be done to assess the planets' physical characteristics."


          Secondly, although these new planets looks habitable because they have water and land, could these two resources be enough for us to grow goods to survive on? Some scientist believe that as long as the basic resources are met, life could be started.


           Lastly, could our bodies survive space travel to another planet? "Space flight has some parallels with the natural aging process, which includes bone weakening and muscle atrophy." I would conclude that because our bodies were made to live on Earth, we may react to the different atmospheres, climates and/or ways of life differently. This could enhance or weaken our bodies as this article reads.


Scientists do not have enough data to rule these planets habitable or inhabitable yet, but I would assume that life outside of Earth is still quite far away. So much more research, planning and recruiting is needed before someone give this a legitimate try. I do not think it is not a possibility to live elsewhere, I just don't think we know enough right now to make a conclusion.


Maybe there are creatures in a different planet in a different galaxy wondering if anyone lives on Earth. But how do we know? How do we know there is life outside our planet? How do we know what scientists are telling us is true? I think for now, until strong evidence is presented to not only those researching our galaxy, but the average Joe as well, no answer is right or wrong. What do you think?



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Hi Palmira! Wow, wouldn't it be amazing if there were other kids in a classroom on Kepler-62f blogging about a strange planet called earth, and whether or not they could ever survive on this strange planet. I find this topic to be incredible, and do believe that there is life on planets other than ours, the solar system is just way to big for us to be the only lucky ones. Thinking like this also helps put things into perspective, although we as a human race may have different beliefs, skin colors, and customs, we are not as different as we think and should unite as a human race in peace. Other than that I would say that it would be very unrealistic for us to ever make it to one of these planets in our lifetime, unless they pay us a visit first. Heres an article that I encourage you to take a look at from ZME Science that claims that there are billions of earth like planets in our solar system that could potentially sustain life. Overall I found your post to be very intriguing along with the graphic that you provided of these earth like planets that look eerily familiar to earth.

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