Don't keep blowing your congested nose!


                Its that time of the year again where just about everybody around you is sick and you're hearing all the coughing and sniffles in the silence of a test. The other day I had a congested nose and was wondering what the best way to clear it was. As I was searching I noticed that to keep blowing your nose was not the answer, and sadly I learned this the hard way. So why is blowing your stuffy nose bad?


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                For me I always blow my nose when I cannot breath through my nose and after reading this I realized how much time I've spent blowing my nose. In this article they talk about Dr. J Owen Hendley who did research on this theory and experimented by using dye to test the theory. Basically what Hendley found was that the dye was being found in the rear nasal cavity after blowing their nose. The participants also coughed and sneezed and there was almost never any dye found in the rear nasal cavity. According to Hendley stuff getting into your rear nasal cavity is harmless but if you are sick then you could further infection if you "shot" a virus or bacteria into that rear nasal cavity.

                When I was sick I learned here, that you never want to blow your nose when its congested and the only time you should is if your nose is actually running and even then you should take it easy. By blowing your nose while its congested, the membranes in your nostrils are becoming inflamed. When you blow your nose it apparently increases the blood flow in your nose. My way of thinking of it is if you have ever had anything swollen it just blows up like a balloon and from my understanding that is what happens here basically. It seems to me that the nasal cavities kind of get blocked due to increased blood flow in your nose. So, are you going to think twice about blowing your nose?


Interesting article! I've heard this before & decided to take a different approach. Instead of blowing my nose, when I realize I am beginning to become congested, I do the Neti pot instead. What looks like a genie lamp, actually does the trick clear out your nasal passages effectively & safely. Learn more about the Neti pot here:

This makes complete sense since when I get congested I keep blowing my nose and it never gets better. I came to realization that I would need to take some decongestant and became best friends with Aleve-D. There are other ways to get rid of the congestion such as Deanna's way above.

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