Does Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

Sophomore year of High School I decided to lose weight because I stopped playing football and I was extremely overweight. All I heard from people was advice on how to do it, but I knew that I had to do what worked best for me. The one piece of recommendations that I constantly got was to drink eight glasses of water a day. Well, I decided to include this into my diet program, and even though I did lose sixty pounds I was not sure if it worked. Was it the water consumption or the exercise? Or both? I decided to do some research.
Michael Boschmann from Berlin's Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center did an experiment if water can help increase the metabolism, and eventually lose weight. The conclusion after the experiment was "After drinking approximately 17 ounces of water, the subjects' metabolic rates -- or the rate at which calories are burned -- increased by 30% for both men and women" (Salynn Boyles, WebMD). Basically, drinking more water can help with weight loss, but eating well and working out are also extremely important.  

Additionally, drinking cold water before a work out helps burn extra calories because your body will need to heat itself up again (Gaiam). Water is very important in weight loss because not only does it rehydrate your body, but it helps you burn calories and speed up your metabolism. Additionally, water helps your body restore energy and build muscle (HubPages). Water has so many positives, and one cannot forget to drink a lot during a diet program because that is when it is most important.   



After reading your blog I began to think about other reasons that could cause weight loss when drinking more water. I thought about the very plausible variable that would come with drinking more water: drinking less soda. As we have discussed in class, there are many studies that have shown the affects of soda on weight gain. Considering that you began to drink much more water, I assumed that you stopped drinking as much soda as well. After thinking of this, I stumbled upon a WEBMD article discussing the affects of diet soda on weight gain. the article can be found at The article stressed that many studies claim that diet soda has the same negative impact on the body however, the conclusions are all based off of the same studies. The article stresses that there is not enough clear evidence to conclude that diet soda has any negative impact on the body and there is still further investigation that needs to be done. This may be a little bit off topic but it all surrounds the problem of weight loss/weight gain and it is certainly something to think about.

Two other big reasons people usually recommend water for weight loss is because it causes you to feel fuller, making people generally consume less food and also not only for speeding up our metabolism, but giving it the ability to function. Since our body is made up of so much water, by not drinking enough your body won't function properly. Here's a link that shows all the affects water has positively on the body that would cause inverse effects by not having the proper amount.

Personally, I think water is the only beverage a person needs in order to be healthy. I like how Tyler mentions in the first comment that more water means less soda. There is no reason for a person to drink soda because it only causes harm to the body. There are several reasons behind the theory that water encourages weight loss. One is mentioned above by Alyssa: water helps a person to feel fuller so they don't eat as much. (Did you know that most of the time you feel hunger it is actually thirst?) However, I think water is so much more than just a means to lost weight. People should focus more on its benefits to overall health and aim to be an overall healthy person rather than a skinny person. So what makes water so healthy? Water carries toxins out of the body. The more water you drink, the more waste that your body does not need is carried out. In addition, it transports nutrients to all your cells. It also energizes cells and keeps skin healthy. There really are endless benefits.

Here is an ABC News article giving tips to drink more water.

It is good to know that drinking water does help with weight loss. My mom is someone who drinks over the recommended amount a day and it seems to help her lose weight, too. I researched this topic to find more about why water was essential to weight loss and found that water is also a drink that makes people very full. This article says that if you are ever feeling hungry before reaching to eat food try drinking a glass of water first. This will most likely get rid of that hungry feeling because water fills people up which then helps them save calories on foods that they did not really need to eat. Drinking water also helps flush out your system and keeps you healthy. So drink up!

Drinking water has so many health benefits beyond losing weight. Not only does it make you feel fuller, it is great for flushing out toxins, which make your skin glow and the rest of your body feel energized. Not to mention water keeps your body hydrated, which is especially important during the summer months, during or after workouts and just everyday in general. However as great as water is, I still was curious if too much water could be harmful. According to an article on, yes it can be. It's called "water toxicity" and it occurs when you drink a large amount of water in a short time and your kidneys cannot deal with all the liquid.
So while it is pretty obvious that water has exponentially greater health pros than cons, still be conscious of how much you are drinking and don't guzzle it all down at once.

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