Can you reverse heart conditions?

Heart attack risk and weight gain are only a few scary effects of having heart conditions . Many types of heart conditions are caused by the persons diet and many other health habits. Its something we all don't want to think about , especially during the holidays , but it is a topic that is very important to think about especially as were are growing and getting older. Our health is very much effected by the types and quantity of the foods that we eat. Its a simple concept to think about that "if the food choices got me into this mess, if I change my eating habits can't I get out? " It was a very interesting concept to think about so I want to know more. 
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People who have high blood pressure , high cholesterol, and over weight are told by their doctors that they need to make major changes to their diet and exercise regiment. For most the end result diagnosis is CAD or coronary artery disease . Besides medications are there any other options to turn your life around? Most people don't realize it but the answer is- Yes.

Making changes to the foods you eat, how often you exercise , and even your stress levels truly play a huge role in your heart health . All of these things can defiantly improve your heart heath but unfortunately the factor of actually reversing the heart condition is a little more difficult to change.

"The founder and president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute and clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, Dean Ornish, MD, says that you absolutely can reverse at least some of the damage of even severe heart disease." -WebMD Feature Reviewed by David T. Derrer , MD 

In Dean Ornish studies he claims that with dramatic lifestyle changes including the individuals in the study, their diet and exercise regiment have shown to improve blood flow to the heart and reduce chest pain up to 90% in as little as less than a month. In that study as well there was shown that with in a year of keeping up with the new lifestyle changes even the very severe blocked arteries in the heart had reduced blockage. After 5 years the blockage to the heart was reduced even more! Once that data was compared to the original history of the patients their symptoms would have obviously increased and gotten worse. 
Within that the studies the exercise portion of the study was specifically made up of each person walking for at least and hour and a half a day. Some other methods with in the study were individuals participating in yoga and meditation to help deal with reducing stress levels. With the diet , each individual in the study had their pantry and refrigerator completely emptied and restocked with appropriate foods that would aid the individual to a more healthy (natural) diet .
Once again no diet regimen is universal . Different plans work better for different people. In this case maybe medications or surgery would work better in treating a persons CAD than the diet , meditation and exercise plans. In conclusion , the specific study explained in my post can be very individuals in the help to reduce the harmful and scary effects of heart conditions like CAD , but it is not 100% certain that just diet , exercise and meditation alone can reverse the condition completely.  

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