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With so many of my peers having children as the years go by, studies about labor and adolescents become much more significant to me. I find that if I follow useful information, it may come in handy sooner or later in the real world. One study that sparked my interest was related to induced labor and autism. The article, found here:, describes how the two relate to each other based off suggestive information.

Mothers who used induced labor or augmented labor to give birth to their children increased their odds of their kids having autism, by 23%. That is a very high percentage in comparison to those without assisted labor. The study was done on 600,000 births, and the report was done by Simon G. Gregory of Duke University.

The same exact risk was associated with chances of fetal distress, horrifying results in addition to prematurity and maternal diabetes. Obviously more research will be done to explore what the meaning behind this discover is, as well as investigation to why inducement has such severe side effects.

When talking in means of gender, 75% of the births affected were male. Boys showed an increased risk in having autism when compared to girls who went through the same birthing technique. 

What is even more interesting and controversial are the other factors that increase autism in births: Non-Hispanic black race, older age of mother, higher education of mother, and being the first born (child). The main trouble of finding out the meaning of this study is realizing what cause-and-effect aspects are occurring during the labor.

I find this study to be meaningful to my generation because we are all reaching that age quite quickly, when baby talk will be a topic of discussion. With new scientific findings, we can ensure that future births will occur as safely as possible, with little to no negative effects in the future. 



During my speech class, I did a lot of research on autism. A lot of the causes these days are the enviroment many people live in, like the city. Pollution can cause birth deffects and very much cause autism. Also, if the mother is not taking care of themselves during pregnancy, they can acquire autism as well. Of course, autism is also genetic.
Here is a little more on how the environment affects autism:

Over the years it's been hard not to miss the numerous debates and discussion on autism and environmental causes that can trigger or elevate its symptoms. While I haven't heard much about the induced labor and autism correlation, I have heard many different things regarding a person's diet. In this article from, it discusses how patients with autism have seen improvements if they follow a gluten and casein free diet. It goes on to further explain that it has been said that people with autism have a "leaky gut" and so the gluten and casein can enter the bloodstream and exasperate the symptoms. To read more about this check out the article,

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