Are antibiotics good or bad?


Today, I went to the doctor and found out I had strep throat and an ear infection. While I was being prescribed the antibiotics, I had realized there were a few types of antibiotics I have already taken in my life, that have not worked for me at all.  One of these types included Zeepack and the other includes Arythromicyn. I had to explain to my doctor that I could not take that and needed another type. She prescribed me with Augmentan. I decided it was important that I research if they really work and why certain antibiotics do not work.Lexapro_pills.jpg

After doing some research in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, I found out some very interesting facts.

As said on this website:

1.                    Antibiotic resistance is one of the world's most pressing public health threats.

2.                    Antibiotics are the most important tool we have to combat life threatening bacterial diseases, BUT they have side effects.

3.                    Antibiotic overuse increases the development of drug resistant germs.

4.                    Patients, clinicians, healthcare facility administrators; and policy makers must work together to employ effective strategies for improving antibiotic use.

After finding out these four facts, I became very cautious and worried about antibiotics. The whole topic of  "antibiotic resistance"  intrigues me and makes me nervous at the same time. This is when eventually antibiotics have killed off all of your good bacteria. Thus, this makes you body not react to antibiotics anymore. This leads me to the argument, should we or should we not take antibiotics?

             We definitely should not take antibiotics if we are not positive it is a bacterial infection. Sometimes doctors assume a child has strep without giving them a throat culture, which makes it risky to give them an antibiotic. According to this same article, more then 50% of antibiotics prescribed are unnecessary and given when an individual just has a cold. Antibiotics also cause things like yeast infections, and many other type of infections. In children, it is proven that antibiotics are the most common cause of emergency driven reactions in the United States.

            Why Should we take antibiotics? Antibiotics have been the only things to treat dangerous bacterial infections thus far. They may have side effects, although most of the time and individually is feeling better and no longer sick

It is SO important to act now on antibiotics in order to prevent bacterial resistance.



Personally, I rarely ever use antibiotics. The only way I would use antibiotics is if I were prescribed them by my doctor, and I rarely go to the doctor unless I need to. My family leans more towards alternative methods of healing, which are less invasive, have no harmful side effects, and provide a more natural way of healing the body. I think that if alternative methods do not work, then it is okay to turn to antibiotics. But look into alternative methods first and try to heal your body naturally.

Here is a video from the Dr. Oz show explaining some natural antibiotics that are surely much safer than what your doctor would prescribe.

Antibiotics are both the best and worst thing that could have ever happened to our generation. I always wondered if it was true that we can build up an immunity to antibiotics. I feel like now a days that doctors always just give them out without thinking. I personally try to not talk them unless I absolutely need to. Last time I was at the doctors they needed to give me antibiotics that I never had before because the ones that I was taking were not working . For me that was very scary. I looked into this idea and this is what I found. According to there is such thing as an antibiotic resistance. With this the bacteria will continue to thrive and multiply and harm the body.

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