Why Gossip Girl Will Live A Long Life


 Are you shortening your own life without even knowing it?
  New studies suggest that daily behavioral routines are affecting the length of people's lives.

 The University of Rochester conducted a study and found that people who did not share their emotions were 35% more likely to die in a 12-year period than people who shared their emotions with others.

 In 1996, 729 people were administered an emotion suppression scale and in 2008 111 deaths were recorded in the 12-year period.  Another study also suggests that personality may be linked to one's longevity and overall quality of life.

 The Rochester U study's coauthor, Benjamin Chapman says that people who suppress their emotions tend to engage in "unhealthy coping behaviors" such as drinking and drug use.  Chapman also said that the accumulation of stress weakens the immune system and impacts the body's inflammation levels (Chapman).

 Researchers at Michigan University conducted a study on women and found that when they chitchatted with friends their levels of progesterone went up, which is a hormone that demonstrates the ability to shrink anxiety and stress levels.  Progesterone comes from ovaries in women and supports gestation and good sleep (Gossip). The intensity of this hormone increases when women gossip!

 So instead of suppressing your emotions, gossip with a friend!  Stephanie Brown, who led the research at Michigan, suggests hanging out with some friends to increase your progesterone levels (Black).

 "The act of benefiting another person is a way to predict longevity," she says. "It suggests that altruism is beneficial for health, whether volunteering, caregiving or making sacrifices for others."

 Who knew that being a good person is also good for your health?  Socialization and the way humans socialize with each other is a growing platform.  People are expressing themselves less and less in person and more on social network sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (just to name a few).  Socialization proves to have very few cons and so the pros should be enough of a reason to want to relieve some stress and gossip with a friend.


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I was very interested by the title of your blog ! After reading it I found that it was very interesting and relevant to many peoples lives. I started to look into the idea of emotions and this is what I found. According to http://www.mkprojects.com/fa_emotions.html it too said that letting out your emotions is a healthy way to cope with stress. It talks about how emotions are the key way to clear your mind so you can have more focused thinking and problem solving. Emotions control your actions and one is more likely to have negative reactions when a situation occurs after a long period of "bottling up emotions". Very interesting and helpful post. Check out the website if you would like more information.

I found this to be very interesting. I think it is almost impossible not to gossip every know and then. It's apart of life, people gossip about other people. Although, most people relate gossiping to something women do, I feel that men do it just as much or maybe even more than women. I found this article that talks about men gossiping. There was a study done that showed men spend about 76 minutes gossiping in a single day while women spend about 52 minutes gossiping in one day. A man's form of gossip is different than a females. Men tend to gossip about drunken friends, females, and old stupid stories about them and friends. Women tend to complain more about other friends, relationships, and weight gain. Feel free to check out the article.


This was a really cool blog post! I live with 7 girls and we've had numerous conversations similar to this post. Half of us are definitely people who are sharers and like to talk out our problems or what we are feeling and then the other half holds things in and do not really talk about how they feel. We've noticed, since living together for 3 years that the group that shares their problems, seems to be happier and get over whatever is bothering them (I'm in this group!)quicker. This article on www.betterhealth.vic.gov is really interesting because it reaffirms how it is healthy to express how you are feeling but it doesn't always have to be through talking. It mentions painting or writing and other ways to be expressive. Check out more here, http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Talking_about_your_problems_can_help.

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