Why Won't My Hair Grow Faster?

I was born with pin straight, super long, white blonde hair. I had the typical 90's, kindergarten girl hair cut, aggressively long with straight across the forehead bangs. What were my parents thinking? Although at the time it was clearly in style and I cherished it everyday, I decided to chop it off in third grade. It took forever to grow after that and when it did it grew back curly and dirty blonde. I guess you could say this was the end of the world for me. I love my blonde hair and the most important thing for me it to treat it well so it grows. 

I haven't had much luck but at least it has finally reached past my shoulders. I see all my friends with their long, flowy hair and wonder why mine hates me and doesn't want to grow. Ever. 

I decided to look online for shampoo that helps your hair grow, but everything I've tried doesn't help at all. My hair dresser always says, the more often I get it trimmed it will stimulate the roots and make it grow. I think that is a load of bs because I get it trimmed a lot and its only getting shorter.

Looking more online, I have read what feels like a million articles on how to grow healthy hair. Coming across the article Why Won't My Hair Grow?! 4 Reasons Why Your Hair is Stalling it lists four reasons why your hair might not be growing as fast as you would like:

1. Breakage- The number one reason why hair decides not to grow. We forget to moisturize the ends of our hair and then ends dry up and break off. 

2. Split Ends- This is cause by lack of moisture, heat, chemicals, and plain carelessness. It is important to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. 

3. Scalp Build Up- Grease and other heavy products can clog you scalp pores, stunting the growth of your hair. Using lighter products will help in decreasing clogged pores. 

4. Diet/Medication- Everything that goes into our body effects what comes out of it, including your hair. Maintaing a healthy diet full of live foods and drinking a lot of water can help in hair growth as well. There are also supplements you can take to activate hair growth, but talk to you doctor first.

Keeping these four factors in mind will help aid the process of growing out your hair. Avoiding heavy products and heat will also help keep your hair healthy and from breaking! In the picture below, it also lists foods that are helpful in keeping your hair healthy.



I can totally relate to this article. I went from having those HUGE bangs to really long all grown out hair. For some reason in middle school I cut it really short, and like you I have always regretted it. All through high school I grew out my hair and it is now about halfway or more down my back and I refuse to cut it any shorter. My mom is a hair dresser so she is always wanting me to cut it, but I only let her trim it because I can't stand the thought of short hair. I went on yahoo answers to see if I could find any blog advice and I found this- http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110125175303AAjrLK3. It lists some shampoos or necessary ingredients in shampoos that would help your hair to grow, I hope this helps and you haven't tried those products yet!

This article is very interesting because I know so many girls with this problem, including my sister. I, on the other hand, am the opposite. I two inches off my hair last month, it has already grown back and longer. The problems that article lists however, are completely accurate. One of the reasons many people can't grow their hair back fast is because of split ends! I personally used Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner over the summer. Because the product is originally designed for the use of horses, it helps strengthen and thicken hair. Another helpful idea is to get scalp massages. Science Daily has found that "blood vessel growth is correlated with hair growth". Therefore, scalp massages, which help circulate the blood in the scalp, can help encourage cell growth.

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