Why do people lie?


In general, I would like to think that most people are truthful. But we know that just isn't true. Everyone lies. We've all done it before. Whether it is telling a little kid that Santa is real, or lying to your parents about your whereabouts, everyone at some point hasn't been truthful. But why do we lie? What in us causes us to be so cool with the idea of deception?

An article that decided to investigate the truth about deception talks about a study that says we begin to lie at a very young age. Research has evidence to suggest that by age 3, we understand the benefits of lying, which often at that age, is avoiding punishment from taking a cookie out of the jar before dinner. But it doesn't stop there. From that point, we continue to lie, and even increase our amount of lies as we age.  The article continues to explain how as adults, we lie, on average, about 13 times a week! Even I found that a little hard to believe, but with further consideration, it can actually be true. Whether it be a white lie, or something grander, deception is deception, and we, as humans, love it.

So what's the reason behind it? The truth behind why we lie is quite simple. We want to make ourselves look good, and appear better than what we are. We lie to ourselves (probably more often than we think) and others for this sole reason. I know you're probably thinking to yourself "I could care less what someone thinks about me." Well guess what, you just lied to yourself. In a study done that was published by the Journal of Basic and Applied Psychology ,a sample was asked to have a 10 minute conversation. The results showed that 60% of those people had lied once during that time!

So, the next time that you yell at your significant other for not being honest, or at a friend for lying, remember that you are just as guilty. We all are. Lying is just a part of being human, whether it be good or bad.






There is definitely a double standard with lying. We don't want people to lie to us yet, on a daily basis, we lie. Lying isn't something we just do to cover our tracks. according to this website (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-dolphin-divide/201309/why-do-we-lie) lying is behavioral and cognitive evolutionary. This article states that lying is necessary for survival. Humans are the only species that deceive. Animals in the wild deceive to catch their prey, to hide from predators, and to defend themselves. It seems that lying isn't only a human emotion!

Lying is one of those things we all hate but at the same time can't live without. When we ask someone how we look we don't want an honest opinion, we want to be told we look good, which (sadly) sometimes involves being lied to in order to save our feelings being hurt. The main thing about your blog that surprised me was that you said it was found on average adults lie 13 times a week. Honestly I thought that was kind of low. I think adults lie all the time, whether its to spare the feelings of their friends or to keep the innocence of the younger people that surround them. People lie for so many different reasons, in a way our society works because people lie. Check out this article for more about why people lie and why we are so quick to believe their lies! http://english.pravda.ru/history/17-06-2013/124853-people_lie-0/

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