When Will It End?

As we all know at this point there has been a civil war raging in Syria which started in 2011. The country has been plagued by fighting and unrest with many innocents being killed. Now they are facing more problems than just violence. Now across the country there have been outbreaks of diseases which have begun to spread due to the unrest which lead to the collapse of health care in the country. The first outbreak of Polio in 14 years has been recorded in Syria due to the inability to administer vaccinations and treatments. Before these cases of Polio in Syria that last recorded case of Polio in Syria was in 1999. The country is literally falling apart on every level and the question is when will the violence stop?


If a disease which has a cure and has been reduced by such a large amount such as Polio can make a resurgence due to war what other diseases could spread in such areas. How many more people will die due to disease if they survive the war raging all around them? The real question however is how are these people supposed to receive treatments for this horrible disease which is affecting them? These are serious questions that arise in times of war because despite the desire to give these people the help they need doctors would be forced to enter a war zone to do so.

Sources: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/10392547/Polio-cases-in-Syria-spark-alarm-over-rise-in-diseases-including-flesh-eating-parasites-due-to-civil-war.html

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